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RedCloud - Ridiculous Junk
(from the album Is This Thing On?)
© copyright 2001

Yo is the cypher on? I brought my bomb along It brings alarm to the
calm in the common song. Cloud is surrounding the ground your on.
Rappers drop the mic, put your Thongs back on... Bring it on, if you want
to see the dawn I suggest you don't respond or its hunter and the fawn. I don't
own a handgun, but I've got a cannon And my deer you cant run, I believe
tonight's meat is venison. Now that you've went I guess I'd prove it Consume
a human for sheer amusement. Step up come on connect I wreck the mic...
It's a type of rhyme fight sent to blaze tonight It's a poltergeist that grips
the holster tight Gripping evil links, they're sinking in Indian ink. Recollect,
better yet, better take another step. Shatter bring another sledgehammer to
your head. I've got fly steps... like I'll take your triceps, twist them Through
your biceps, nice in 5 steps (so why step)? Why get hyped, disperse
those outbursts Cursed men service your urban soldiers.