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RedCloud - Traveling Circus
(from the album Traveling Circus)
© copyright 2003

verse 1
Handling the pandamonium for a moment,
dude im a shogun focused on an open case and ill close it.
Suppose Sir Roc had it loaded and cocked (no not his glock)
I mean decoded the lock and so that its lowered a notch.
Thats were we float to the top of the surface, perfectly serving a
purpose. Hemoglobin is curdling slow like a tortoise.
My word is bondage, like PortisHead samples no one deserves it
but still i loop it (stupid ol group) and my crew will seduce it
and work it. Organize- bang the organ and cry...
put it aside then when its right well toss it in tha Akai.
Causing the critics to lie to themselves, hiding thier welts
and sitting silently they sigh but im just trying to help.
Settle scores like warriors born with torches and swords
and bring a force so enormous itll scorch through your shorts.
open the doors matadors its a 4 minute war
hard to the core, from the lands, skies, oceans and shores.

West Coast, Syntax, underground
hip hop artists- we be the hardest.

verse 2
I hear you rapping with agony, your face is all burgandy
whats the matter you mad at me? Dream about serving me?
word to syntax acadamy daddy, baddest vocab in the galaxy
or the sky or the sea... hotter than Mexicali be.
hand it to me and ill hand it back to the beat,
and add a rap thatll have you running like Adam and Eve
la- da-la-da-lada- di..... that means no battling me.
Youll catch a slap to the face of your pride beyond your belief.
Oh get it now that the getting is good, figured i wouldnt but would
figured i couldnt but could- sitting in soot.
Volcanic ash on my foot and the magma splashes my dreads
i cant imagine my mansion i know Mt. Shasta's my bed.
You do the dance of the dead and ill sing the song of the living.
When the crowds turning red overhead the passion is driven
its even Steven from here to the friggin valley thats hidden
I really hope that you dig it... not perfect only forgiven (good riddens).

verse 3
First of all Officer i dont know how i got here
that was Martinelli apple cider and not beer
ill take a sobriety test- passing it all clear...
i could parallel park a dumptruck or a John Deer.
loosen the cuffs homie its bruising me up,
my momma told me that the LAPD was currupt
so you gonna let a brotha go now or what?
ive gotta show to do tonite, whos gonna hold down the cut?
Floating on a tight rope... gloating cause its true,
never slipped, not even on cold morning dew.
tripple pit bull instinct with a righteous point of view-
subsequently born for all of you
My liquid scriptures are aquatic with Cerwin Vega speakers
strapped to both sides of the gills for illest ability ever.
Macrobiotic i got it- im on it- sonnets of a somber Sunday afternoon-
Traveling Circus for you.