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RedCloud - The Coming
(from the album Traveling Circus)
© copyright 2003

Def Shepherd is coming and were coming for your crew.
Better put up your shields and get your swords ready too.

Man of War - verse 1


RedCloud and Max One - verse 2
What a repetitive, negative sentence sketched in the listeners ear.
Its vivid its clear i see your dispicable sneer.
There aint no prisoners here- Def Shepherds ripping its peers.
Never dizmal my dear, why all the pistols in here?
Hope the competitors ready for treading water completely.
descretely we describe the discrepencies of them emcees.
Sucker punches are abundant you can find them by the bunches.
Bundled up with busters its disgusting, lets discuss this.
i swear to godzilla my ninja, ill injure many men and anyone who annies up
dismantle them animal style ill handle them.
play the mandolin lightly and the violin slow.
Whoa! Henry the Potter just got the sorceror stoned.

let it rain, let it pour, let it penetrate my soul.


Max One and RedCloud - verse 3
All the captives that were captured hear the raps and wait for rapture
Heres the keys go start the tractor- reap and sow forever after
Evermore ready for war, steadilly heading to your...
Venues door or corridor, with 84 machete swords.
We gather raps and tackle tracks and sam pulls out his battleaxe.
I sample sounds of sonic saxaphone on mics we are Thunder Cats.
Circle the subcomferance of your cipher like a phsyco.
Leave you purple like a pimple that was picked by Peter Piper.
Umm umm, err, make you wonder what its like
to rock mics with thunderous pipes, take wonderous hikes
to all new hights with no blue lights while your crew bites
I rep the west, best of the best, Def Shep and the most high...
and i like french fries.