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RedCloud - 8000 RPMs
(from the album Traveling Circus)
© copyright 2003

verse 1
Every single time i hear this track cat it makes my eyes swell
so i turn back and ask for a scratch from Trey Qel.
Oh i manage that magic hot flow
if you think yours matches- my man its not so.
and ya dont know i just transformed the front row
into psychos on pogo sticks at gun shows
not a stunt show, half booty naked like Squanto
but with bobo dreads draped on my burgundy poncho.
It swort of makes an ordinary engine like me
look like an Oakland Raider running back tackling geeks.
baby im hektik from the helmet to the spikes on my feet
if interested man ill bless it with a mic a beat.
RedCloud is hyper on speed... the crowd will like it indeed
youll jump around like Everlast did in the stypheling heat.
if your impressed with the direction that i rock and compete
then chuck your fists up in the sky because the job is complete.

8000 rpms is redline
your Chevy and your Ford V8s cant touch mine.
4 bangin' and hangin' with 10 second time
bring it in the form of a rhyme
its redline.

verse 2
We are the BoonDock Saints, Jake it aint no joke
cause its cool and calm... come in a room full of smoke.
like a broken tapedeck in an ancient basement
and the blaze is raging but the baracade is broke.
I never serenaded every lady i approach
im just soaking up the mocha sipping cocoa to the throat.
cappaccino iv is mighty kind yo when its cold
feeling older than hoboken hobos covered in a cloak
im smothering the southern bay, mother to other ways
blasting rays like an ambassador from outer space
hoovering to cover days, brother of the ricochet
Crenshaw chainsaw massacre- im leatherface.
Later days.. feather ended pen sever wicked ways
kick it like a crickets legs, chriping in a little cage
TicketMaster tickets time is ticking till i hit the stage
wiggling the middle giving praises through the nickel plate.


verse 3
This one goes out to L. ScatterBrain
and DJ Mino 92 and the gang...
Original redlining shining bright in fact
my brethren SP all the Numerous cats...
rotor rooter my motor scooter is parked outside of Hooters
if my lady finds out there is no doubt im getting neutered
it suits me well and super my crews like superhumans confused
with Mighty Morphins... the truth we are VR Troopers
i might cold cock these country sucker chumps with an uppercut
and roughin up these diamond studded busters till they pucker up
im tough enough to run you over with a pick up truck
and scrape you off the pavement with a shovel brother listen up
This is for the Clan, for the Tribe, for the Crew
This is for the Clique, for the Mob, for the Youth
This is for the red, for the white and the Blue
This is for the who, (the who?) , The True.