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RedCloud - Bonafide Extreme Emcees
(from the album Traveling Circus)
© copyright 2003

verse 1
Zoinks, the party started hardly got it popped
Body rockin baby, Bobby taught me how to kill a lil
but the problem is you copied sloppily but got me not
You need a proper cup of coffee from a copper coffee pot.
Piping hot or mighty cold slightly warm or prolly not
i am not a slacker more like makaral or JaggerNaut
tag along in back of me i plan on rapping while im walking
semi automatic carve the pilgrim out of Plymouth Rock
talk about it brother brought it out of his ol hidden pocket
here i gotta cock it baby pray were popping Davey Crockett
hackers hogging up the macintosh imagine we unlocked it
we will not get off it, knock it off dont plug it out the socket
money im a drop you like a habit man ive had enough
hungry for the crowd applause like Ben and jerrys Haugen Dahs
Dorothy we are not in OZ, munchkins wanna murder us
Blacker than Onyx... prepare for bombing its on!

We be bonifide Xtreme emcees
lay low display the rage that straight K.O.s
Hey you behave the way that brave men do
cause we... be bonifide extreme emcees.

verse 2
Crowded night and im inside annhilating open mics
spoken like a sharpened spike... in harmony with dark and light
Shmorgasbord is warped and we have morphed into an orphan who
is often left among men in a coffin with Lakota Sioux.
Ornamental Adrenaline imbedde dead in my skeleton
im heading ahead towards heaven- the purpose is perfect
Greener than weed is the face- an envious stage of amazement
Rage is the following feeling... swallowing pride.
Oh well oh well, ill grab the amoe and my rifle pumping out the shells.
Ill grab my candle and my bible when the rebels yell.
write mighty parables prepared to tell emcees they frail.
Ill go and tell them that im LOL You speak and spell,
birds will surround your head start chirping perfect carousel
Ill jet propell like Helen Keller with no parachute
i parasail and yell farewell untill the fall is through...
and all is true to the roots.
Half of the matter is... ive had it with average kids.
tamper with cannibal wits, hammered like Canabis hits
amethist glow to the crimson clouds that this planet emmits
mandatory editorial, were bonifide extreme.


verse 3
This that, that this, this takes practice
wrist breaks raps just (cant be stopped)
Guerrila knife tactics, praying mantis
ripping the tracks that just (cant be stopped)
Your a cinematic actress, a branded cattle cat
im the pen and padded master (cant be stopped)
Well accredited vetaren, with picture perfect editiquite
you delicate men will get hit...(cant be stopped)
im in a different accord of my own... according to morning and night
touring like Rolling Stones in the zone and im owning the mic
Gimme the props i deserve and honest ill put it aside
ill be the dirt of th earth still God is the lantern and light.
cant be denied of it, its as wide as my pride
before it spun out in the cut and then collided and died
a petrofied heiroglyphic in the back of my mind
and when im mumified ill fight it... cause im still bonifide.