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RedCloud - Don't Wear It Out
(from the album Traveling Circus)
© copyright 2003

Whos the illest of the illest that you are feeling now? (Cloud)
Whos the emcee thatll make you touch the cieling now? (Cloud)
Tell the truth homie spit it out really now! (Cloud)
RedCloud homie... thats my name dont wear it out.

verse 1
No retreat no surrender enter now
better render now, baratone, soprano, tenor tear em down.
Beat drops .. orchestra pits in silence
flying violins and instruments are flung in violence
Homage paid in full the highest, hybrid, iris triple stage
mimic visions- minus blade in kitchens made of nickelplate
little late for crying... or your teary eyes and trickled face
sit outside and ventelate... tranquelize and marinate.
its like raing in the middle of may
in a way its simple and plain as minimum wage.

Rhythm and proccussion, bumrush and blitzkrieg
given a concussion cant crush the big league.


verse 2
let it roll let it cover the globe
then frozen over the world behold the climate is cold.
beaten till black and blue
with the king james bible ill be smacking you
all of the wack in you.
Flapping my wings like the fire spitting dragons do
a mile a minute as im digging in jurassic soup.
let it roll lets imagine the view...
and as the units move im screaming "Judas who?"
Now whatcha gonna do? stand as firm as a pillar,
never deliver the healer for 30 pieces of silver.


verse 3 (freestyle!)
From the depths of the sea... back on the block
Red Cloudy Cloud Cloud and Sir Sir Sir Roc
went solo cause thats all that i could do
except for spitting on this spear
and drive it straight through your crew
freestyling like a madman- veteran i know it
The way i rip it easily like Matrix Reloaded
Unloaded the heavy refrigerator and table
and i was able to connect it from the mic to the cable.
up up, down down, left right, left right
b a select start- we play the best part