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RedCloud - Nevaletchago
(from the album Traveling Circus)
© copyright 2003

verse 1 - Sherwin Gardner
I went to take a lil walk in the park
it was getting really too close to dark
Somebody been calling my name
i went to see who it was and i went on my way.
It was the almighty- telling me hes got the key
The key to my victory... trust and then ill see.
I said "Why should i trust you? After all ive been through!"
said if i take your advice, you would watch over my life.
So i say thank you Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ... i will never let you go.

Never ever let you go,
really really want you to know
that i really love you so...

verse 1 - RedCloud
Me and Mark Moore on the borderline
of exraordinary and dem boys blow my mind
This is sublime, underground, undivided, unannounced
party people gather around- sermon on the Mount.
RedClouds hoovering sort of undercover now
merging into virgin territory- into sacred ground
Make a sound lets alert the town
"Stand up and salute and cast your crown!"
Hurricane Anie cant run through my brave Daddy
but Christmas he gets dissed for Cane Candy
But hey man i cannot wait till Satanny
straight stirs in the furnice and burns like Miami
Hey- dont be the Predators prey
These integers they are prepared to curse me
They curtsy, they sashay, they pliay
Till i flee to the Temple and worship on earth day.


verse 2 - Sherwin Gardner
Say Jesus your'e my best friend
Father your'e my best friend
Never gonna let go of my best friend
No one can take my best friend.
Lord you stay closer than a brother
You are my number one love
Thank you for your sacrifice
Dying just to save my life
and everything i do
ill put my trust in you.
Lord i want you to know
Ill never let you go.


verse 2 - RedCloud
Keep it hardcore put the sword aside
iron sharpens iron, tired to the Lord i cry
Hold me close oh you Holy Ghost
Gold instead of murky roads
Ronin with a blunted sword
Shogun of the Lord.
Servant of the Shepherd, Defender of the lamb
My man im rendered in pleasure, enter the temple well treasured
My predassesors assist me may every sector come with me
Lets redirect this hectic traffic to the streets of Cloud City
hey- im pretty deep in this gospel
Ive beat Apollo and Drago and Tommy Gun in the tussle
through you Lord im forgivin
Tho every inch i have driven of 9 inch nails like a splinter
into your wrists like a sinner.
ill never let you go now that ive become free...
and if it wasnt for you Then there would be no me.