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RedCloud - Chit Chat
(from the album Traveling Circus)
© copyright 2003

Lets make this happen
Lets unleash this Dragon,
Lets complete this SackCloth Fashion track
and add some scratching.
Lets make this happen
Lets unleash this Dragon
Lets complete this SackCloth Fashion track
and add some rapping.

Yo i can military press a 900 pound buffalo
and tickle every creviss and cranny my man mechanical.
bench press the massive tranny from your daddys Cadillac
pinching the engine and transmission (like a nickel sack)
Daddy Mack radical, at it again his fanny pack
handicapped parking across the park
where the panic is at..
Passed the romantic man and his madames ol picnic basket
liquid and matches,candles some crackers some sandwiches napkins
atkins diet ill try it, i wont try to fight or deny it
chicken and turjey and fish
i havent decided, youll cry in private
the silence is sianide to your eyelids
and im across from the quiet
across the street from the regular riots.
Rappers be clowning
they sounding just like the cloud and im honored
I rock the crowd so much harder true noggin nodder no doubt
leave the crowd sour like crout
ill get it started and ill bark it out with
TimberWolves and St Berrnards and save you darnitt
ill beg your pardon but ive got yer legs and arms and organs
ill give em back if youll retract from every cypher open
rappers be croakin like horney toads in thier morning mode.
couldnt get lucky with rabbits foot or a 4 leaf clover.
and if you feel like im feeling than really call it quits
and if you feel it revael it lets see yer penmanship
come bring along that obsession and sign me on the list
ill sing the song of redemption it kinda goes like this.

Were tired of your chit chat
wack rappers need to get slapped
Redemption time to diss that
RedCloud he flips your wigs back.

verse 2
Dude if i tried hard enough man id turn a diamond to coal.
and if you really hate my rhymes then i might hide in a hole.
Cause im polite and i aint trying to be quiet tonight,
i might be writing Nobel Prizes while youre trying to bite.
Dude im a pilot guiding hybrid Pterradactyls to nest
and maybe take Jaci Velasquez as a hostage- oh yes.
I might impress her by carressing aligators and cows
Shell think im buff when i go sock this crocodile in the mouth.
Thats why my chestmuscles glisten when the sunsets west.
Ive got a trumpet in my trunk next to my quarter inch wrench
I just might tighten up them flows you show a lot of potential
but man your charactor is friggin poor so pardon my french.
Your whole style is David Carradine im Lou Forrigno
The Green Incredible Hulk and so whatcha booing me for?
So have you ever seen a rapper put a rapper in the boston crab?
toss him all across the mat for all my cloudamaniacs
ultimate warrior, Hacksaw Jim Duggan rugged
Jimmy Superfly sneaking up on you chicken mcnuggets
you get the chicken mcbuttocks, you wanna make something of it?
if you believe than you can see that you can leave it or love it!
this aint a game its a covet, hip hop my dearly beloved
its clear to see that i can serve emcees from here to Nantucket (you got It!)
Most of them worry and so we still got em running.
Ultimate Warrior, Hacksaw Jim Duggen rugged.


verse 3
Just dont get me mixed with Sonny Sandavol from POD
and if you do then i aint mad atchoo- just be low key.
Cause i cant shop at the market or down the block when im walking
without a car full of ladies stopping to watch me theyre stalking.
Cause i am a veteran like Eroc and that Chemist called Sup
Come to think of it- those rappers used to dance for my group.
Not to be rude dude but im included too so whaddup?
Cause i aint new to this fool man i went to school with Kurupt.
This is some dogg pounding here we go
not really yo, im Marmaduke... a large ol Siberian Husky
dressed in a Doberman suit
carrying various type of lice in my Davidson boots.
K9 material man... im seriously paying them dues.
Put down your battleaxe homie rappers straight kill me
i swear your Man of War impersonation is way off and silly
the Bride of Chucky mom im running off with Jennifer Tilly
Rolling with Angeline Jolie telling Billy the dilly,
These rapping Milli Vanillis pretend theyre grimey and gritty
wish they can make the band with Diddy but they are scared of the city
Those are the type that i pity Im Riddik Bowe with these critics
a Lennox lewis appearance, im Cassious Clay with the lyrics
Sugar ray Leanord im better, Tyson, Duran
Either i battle in cyphers or physical man to man.
Yo INKLINGS thats the meanest of clans.
and when you see us best believe us-
best to treat us like champs- for real.