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RedCloud - Put It On
(from the album Traveling Circus)
© copyright 2003

verse 1
Amplified branded in the back of the brain
and let it bang till its raining all up on my parade.
Ill set it straight like a great heterosexual date
Then detonate like a missle in the mist of Kuwait.
Ill crack a cold can of Duff and purposely fall in love.
With bartenders that filled my mug with the drug that i chugged.
Once i quit guzzling the muzzle just stuck
aint no way to disrupt the hustle of this thug.
Crenshaw Blvd. i kid you not.
Man if you fit the discription you might get injured or shot.
Its a sinister plot against us and all that we got.
Ill tell you all of this stress is stessfull and adds to alot.
Ive got to hand it to cops and all their registered props
they got my brother, my father, uncles and Grandpa on lock.
Now how the heck can i heckle em when im raising their children.
and pray for the day that we have a family reunion.

Our styles will enlighten
from Mercury Beyond.
Freestyling or writing
come on and sing the song.
Any kind of rhyme fighting...
We gotta put it on...
Yeah we gotta put it on (x2)

verse 2
Coming up shorter than a hobbit out of Lord of the Rings
or maybe Willow- little brownie on a pelicans wing.
Your like a delicate thing just bubble rapped in its packaging
Fragile like a fraggle rock charactor (a lima bean)
Badda bing, Badda boom this ring is platinum approved.
Get out the way move out excuse me i just had to intrude
im a transient supernatural adaptable shrewd
a pattern addict cypher hungry inexplicable dude
Crackling like a hickory fire- crown me with barbed wire
i am delighted to represent this present/past/prior
higher than the highest of highesmen
suprise men with writing all lined from the scribes of a fine pen.
My Chro magnun magnum is packed
it scatters admirable raps- rat a tat tat and they duck
and no one is bucking em back.
Tackling and cracking thier backs immaculant rappers apart
We have enough youth, how bout the fountain of smart?


verse 3
You outta be automatically out of your seat
with your noggin bobbing completely in sync with me and the beat
and i be the R to the C dog i gotsa daughter to feed.
Down with Othello and Lojique watchamacallit enough about me.
Ive heard about you and them crowds that crowd around you
and they give you props cause you supply the pot and so they wont boo.
im like helicopter chopping with my blades upside down
i keep surroundings astounded - come to my side of town.
What would you do if you where walking to school.
and you see your lil homie getting jumped by some crew?
Would you run to it or from it? Would you turn pink and vomit?
Would you have 22 a pocket knife or a promise?
(Your telling me) homie i know some might just let it be.
Me ill turn to Diamond Dallas Page with a DDT.
Easily - both our lives are apples and oranges.
against us or for us its time to chant to the chorus.