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RedCloud - Broken Jaw
(from the album Traveling Circus)
© copyright 2003

{verse 1}
I'm not your average, rap star and that's obvious
committed, spittin, even with a broken jaw
see the world through my eyes, won't believe what I saw
to extreme for tv, unedited and raw
(we've seen it before), true, nothing new under the sun
some people speak peace, some people pack guns
teachers taught, problems drawn on chalk boards
shorty outlined in chalk shot by a four four
magnum, and it's all about the cash funds
that's why they don't think twice before they blast some
inoscent bystander, smile for the camera
news flash, another kid smashed by the hammer
before his sins ever got, nailed to the cross
that's why text for the blind means, music for a lost
generation, that's why it's made with, dedication and passion
till the death of me, cause it's my destiny

Times are desperate we cant hold back
we must strike mics- the ultimate attack
to live out what we say or get out the game
cause without conviction all these verses are vane.
it goes on and on... song after song.
were in this spitting even with a broken jaw ha!
Times are desperate times running out
but we are gonna speak truth
even with your gun in our mouth.

verse 2
Im ready to die, im ready to take off man im ready to fly
im ready to cry out to the highest of high,
im ready for that pain infliction but i wont flinch a bit
or bite my lip untill you...
empty that clip... into my head or my hip
untill the sky splits... this guy will worship.
No i wont forfiet no never no more..
untill the birdies orbit over my head or my soul.
forget about it id have been imbedded in my skeleton
the predator is clawing and hes gnawing pure adrenaline
is brewing in a kettle pot the little dipper is dipping in
its spooning up the oozing soup pursuing yo to sip again.
sever that tie that binds you to the lie.
inside you is that sign reminding you of Christ
behind you is distorted forms of ordinary thrills.
but still ill keep it real 9mm to my grill.


if i can take my heart out and squeeze out a couple dropletts
if you could see that sorrow splashing like a broken faucet.
if problems seem to cause something to make this hunger cease
unleash a passion so uncanny that a broken jaw wont stop it.