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RedCloud - Indigenous Angel
(from the album Traveling Circus)
© copyright 2003

verse 1
Hotter than July 4th youre the pride
soar like an eagle high in the sky.
Glide in the night recieve your prize
sweet with a bit of brown the eyes.
please be polite when i tell you high.
fresh and so clean peaches and cream.
Queen you are everything that a native king
couldve ever prayed in a dream.
Eyebrows rise all jaws drop, in the crowd
or parking lot when i walk.
Follow you i ought, but i couldnt talk
mama told me that i really shouldnt jock.
How do you do it? Poison i guess.
Theres no chance for any boys on the rez.
spin in shawl dance in the shawl.
Through it all im feeling joyous and blessed.
Jingle dress dance... womens fancy shawl
elaborately beaded cape and its all.
fitting you the way the flute fits lips.
Youll sense this hence its bliss.
Yes this is timed as sweet.
Jessie Hue i believe could a beautiful
thing like you fall in love with a horse thief?
Slowly driven calmly, loudly bumping some Ulali
and Southern Cree on cd feeling like a rez party.
Lets BBQ with the crew and do the sort of things we like to do.
and i might assume, that these kind of tunes
Boom from the boombox to the moon.

verse 2
Horse Thief in the dark waiting for the spark to ignite
marked in the light.
Shot by the wooden cott by the farmers gun
find it hard to run in the night.
Hide by the burning sun hope to overcome
but its burning up in the drum.
all he could seem to think of is his single wife
and the life of his youngest son.
Bride of the renegade with the wooden blade
that a 100 wars couldnt break.
Pray that the ache and pain take away the rain
in the face still couldnt wake.
Kokopelli carved in the wall of the cave
and the brave made his great escape.
trapped inbetween the hills ready for the kill
better bet he will set him straight.
Death on the rezervation
the impatience is narrowed down to a brim.
How do we win? Rage burning up like sage
like a renegade caged in.
Dont you fear im sincere, rocking you in this cradle.
Love you dear, hold you near- Indigenous Angel.