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TRUTH, da - My Story
(from the album Moment of Truth)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
I thought my testimony was less than Holy/
I thought that I was less blessed than my homies/
Yes, confessing only the big sins-I thought that was a badge of honor/
I thought that I had to have a story that was packed with drama/
But I ainít never been shot, no big crimes/
Never smoked weed, never drank, never did time/
I grew up with both parents both cheering me on/
Teaching me basic things like no swearing (no swearing son)/
Itís so apparent, I came up in the church/
Socially thatís where I gained my worth/
Learned to pray and assert myself for God displaying His worth/
By living without blame on the earth (just an average kid)/
You know the type that like to play in the dirt/
Came home with dirt stains on my shirt/
Reciting the same ole verse, at the table, no pains, no hurts/
And I knew that I was called before the day of my birth/
And itís like thatÖ

I ainít got no horror story, God kept me in my youth/
I give Him all the glory, thought my story wouldnít float/
But now I know the blood of lamb has saved my soul/
Thatís my testimonyÖ

I ainít got no horror story, God kept me in my youth/
I give Him all the glory, though my story wasnít dope/
But now I know the blood of the lamb has saved my soul/
Thatís my testimony

Verse 2:
I ainít no gangster, I ainít tough Ďcause I rap/
Never been cuffed and stuffed in the back/
Of a paddy wagon, I ainít never cuss in my raps/
I started gospel and most ainít accustomed to that/
Let me get back, when I was young I sued to think I was corny/
ĎCause I didnít grow up in the projects drinking a forty/
I ainít never had no thug dudes sneaking up on me/
And everybody had the name brand sneakers before me/
And that made me really mad/
But as a buck My Mom and Pops taught me never to chase silly fads/
They told me focus and bought me notebooks, I really had/
Praying parents they introduced me to Billy Graham/
I ainít got no horror story/
God kept me as a buck I give Him all the glory/
In high school pretty girls in the hall ignored me/
Called me church boy but I wasnít bothered normally/
Though sometimes I would hate living the lives of a saint/
They say the Christian boy coming and like right from the gate/
Thought I would preach so they tried to escape/
But I guess thatís just the price of pronouncing your faith.


Verse 3:
Donít get me wrong, I ainít saying Iím perfect/
Matter of fact I took thoughts and conveyed them by cursing/
I was saved but my behavior was worse than/
It shouldíve been, man I was ashamed just to say Iím a virgin/
Plus too afraid to admit I was a Christian, I spent/
Most of those days trying to prove I was hip/
Plus trying to prove I was cool, tried to move like a pimp/
My testimony wasnít cool enough yet (so I thought)/
Then I came to my senses, put my brain to the Scriptures/
Thought of how Christ was blameless to sinners/
He didnít grow up on the corners fornicating with sisters/
Not a hood dude, but a good Jew, grew in favor and wisdom/
And yíall donít know, that gave me relief/
Rearranged my belief, no longer thinking what Iím saying is weak/
When I say I ainít never been sprayed in the street/
But I have been saved by His grace, plus raised to my feet.