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Tunnel Rats - My Name Is Griffin
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

Yo chosin minds came to open ya blinds and let the sunshine
Present the only hope you can find note the technique uphold the Mastermind
We define let the rest be cause this is why we really inclined
Day we met peace there's been a change of course but I found
What really kept me from absolute was counterfeit sound
Nuff said, that's why I'm chained to my pen
Forced to drop what you can bang on both sides of ya head
Scourge the lie 'til it's dead and let the real bear the scepter instead
Keep a sharp eye betrayers hawk the lost and misled
And mock but we legitimize the path that they tread
Kept a quick step in spite of all the people who fled
With eyes locked on the prize and all the tears that we shed
We breakin new ground somethin for you phonies to dread
Gave it all just to carry this cross so it's all loss a great gain for such a low cost

(Look who flew in on the red eye flight)
Wake up as the sun rise, player, my name is Griffin
(Trap your heads with words said)
Enough of the hype, you either marching or you slipping

It's hard sometimes to harness a vibe and rock a hard rhyme
When what you love is really part time
It's not a question if loyalty runs through ya lineage
Or a past of mis-education and foolishly made decisions
We all walk a road where you can live or be chalked
Make noise or let hypocrisy deny what you talk
We're either seen payin the price or caught in a vice
But it's ultimately the soul of the lost that we sacrifice
So playin your cards right while spittin is non-negotiable
I know what I'm sayin I made this my daily devotional
An everyday stroll on this ave can scar you mentally
No tellin who's official hip-hop from who's the enemy
Some say the enemy can potentially be the sinner
When most times our own are responsible for the killin
They talk about Christ and mention Him in every L.P.
Yet only rock shows amoung the spiritually healthy
I'll drop a dime mainly for where, whys, and help mes
And sometimes to diss those swearin they never felt me
I ain't ya third eye blind you herbs ain't the sly kind
I seen thieves better than you robbin for nickels and dimes


Sick of followin ya guidelines I put it on God
I'll follow nothin but His lifeline from now until my flat line
Rap is my past time, it keeps me intact
And together when pressure wants my third sculpture to crack
I lay the map out so those who wanna follow or spectate
Can watch me as I lead this generation and test fate
Since day one been rockin wit intentions to bless crates
And make moves crews envying outta checkmate
I'm weavin this web of intricate philosophy
To captivate minds trespassing on curiosity
They all enter not realizin they crossin a line
Then find themselves caught deep inside of a corpulent rhyme
You enter this dragon make sure ya belt is black
But let me warn ya this spaniarican has been through hell and back
My mentality is that of a soldier sufferin flashbacks
Wit love for reenacting em all on nothin but class acts
Combine it wit an ascap it's doom for the wack
You crews should relax cause deep inside you know you ain't movin the Rats
Told you wit headlock domes get kept in a tight hold
From now until God say cease fire that's how the dice roll