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Tunnel Rats - What You Got
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

Being refined can be a hard time in it's self
Livin life in consecration ain't the smoothest but well,
You know it beats hell and lost peace from all the sufferin
Fake friends and counterfeit joy it got me wonderin
Is life what it seems to be
Does it end when death strips you of ya right to live permanently
Purpose is the reason for this question burnin in me
My belief in God and yeah my stomach turnin in me
I live my life daily sittin at the edge of my seat
Contemplatin junk a mad scientist wouldn't think
Cause ever since Christ it's like my mind has been openin
Like a flower under sunrays slowly but soakin em in
Thus makin faith my comrade
Because my destiny can't be described wit human vocab
I mean ah I guess I got to live it day at a time
And let the essence of creation cultivate and design
The seed that gave me life when I was begotten a second time
Made a citizen of what you can't see wit evil eyes
To me it's no suprise my peak will only draw ny
If hands of time remain in hands on which I can rely

Now just hold up a minute. Let me jump up in it.
I like to make it so that you can shake your rump up in it.
But I'm my toughest critic.
I see the stuff it isn't like original and provocative.
That's my prerogative, not just to make you go,"Oh snap! That fool can rap!"
Yeah I know I got a lot to live for. "But what for?"
I got a lot to give so I should like it's all good. But it's all bad though
"What you looking' all sad for?" Man, you don't even want to know.
"You probably right." But when I hear the beat, I feel the urge to speak.
All of the demands I meet and get to know them like blood
Along with the taste of victory because of his. I love to spark it up.
Don't break the cipher but rather come in tighter to light it up when it goes around.
Whether quarter inch or XLR, you better put it down.
Step to "the one". Rep where you're from and serve whoever tries to clown.
Then define your sound. It's second round, for the heads lost and found.

Same old song (Use what you got)
One move wrong (You can lose what you got)
But if you feel the grove then move what you got
If you have something to prove then fool what you got