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Tunnel Rats - Point Taken
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

Hop up in the saddle. Take a ride.
You better take the reins or they'll take your pride.
You pick a side and join the fight. Be quick to strike.
Enjoy the night, not just the day.
Adjust the way you see the world.
Go and see the world!
Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys, and Girls:
If you got some heart, you will play a part in the future's featured
presentation that each and every one of us have been placed in.
Are you an extra? Maybe a co-star?
If a lead, how's your performance been so far?
Would anybody else want to watch it?
Is it any particular topic?
If not, just fix it and make it hot.
The content of character creates a plot.
So have some goals & shake the spot.
Assume control. Man, take the rock!
"You better make this shot. You can save the day."
Yea, that's what they say. But go pave the way
For somebody else cuz money and wealth is cool.
But if that's all it's about for us then who, who
Are we fooling? Some people aint even schooled in whatever they're doing
Or even improving. I'm keeping it moving
and not just the music. You better believe what a brotha say.
From London to Sydney back to L.A.
I'm wondering who's with me? Let me hear you say...