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Tunnel Rats - Typical Tunnel Rat Topic A
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

Simply the sickest simile to step in your vicinity
Mention me and watch the ministry in your assembly
Menacing the miniscule minds in rooms chat
A preach the word Tunnel Rat,
Funny that's exactly how we all bus'
True to the Name that first called us
But y'all call us cocky like God didn't install us
C'mon, off the brain a bipolar rhyme thrower
Too bad that's the rule of the culture, watch your shoulder
Brethren, got boulders in holsters don't slip
Y'all see the enemy when empire begins to rip and then lift
Up eyes no Philistine feeling me
I feed young truth for the grow-up still he throw-up
My ministry be kicking down walls for the build up
No revolution broadcast fist up, fist up, fist up
I rip the mic light the night to watch them arc angels juggle the cross faders
Y'all call 'em minor prophet, I drop what's real major
Not so main stager, pushed to back
That's exactly how they do we cause church folk get Bougie
Interpret that loosely
It is what it is
But only truth intended
But people get offended
Ain't decided how to end it
Cause I know what you're thinking It's a typical Tunnel rat topic
We alone rock it
God alone could stop it
Cause he alone could start it
Hence a little pretentious when you mention how we rip it
Dude's a little rude
Bruise too many crews you guaranteed to lose
But I move when he do
You're stuck at a level parallel to the ground
Like you meant to what you tapping into
I aint bluffin' just tired of raps about nothing
Kids swear they rock it every song same pocket
I'm waiting for the sky splittin' King of Kings enter
Shekinah representa from the stage to the center