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Tunnel Rats - Typical Tunnel Rat Topic B
(from the album The Tunnel Rats)
© copyright 2004

Googley eye's gawking and gagging on gifts.
Word, we are wonders when we wonder on streets.
Naw, we ain't hating, the church will always diss.
The streets accept faith more than faith leader's preach.
Pastor, tell me what your after, the bottom of the ladder
Is where you should be
Need to heed to the kingdom,
Serve-out and feed them
Don't get mad cuz my crew learned how to reach them.
Extend a hand with open arms. Been hurt for so long
Made us feel we don't belong and we don't.
I won't take you seriously, talk about me then you hug me,
Better expect a rap that slap's like a snare.
Frustrated like Dax cuz we mapped out the scene
So ya'll can live your dreams in the name of Jehovah,
Rhyming on the Sabbath like hip-hop ain't over.
Now it's accepted for the years we invested
And the years we were messed with,
It's time we get blessed with
A positive word from all the crew's that we served.
We got colors and textures of styles that they wormed.
I'm a succulent spirit that spits the light well.
The survivor and soldier within me dwell,
It's about heaven and hell, heresy and to fail,
Just ride the coat tails stay on the trail