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Dynamics - Get Mines
(from the album Comfortable Miseries)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1: Dynamics
Iím trying to live life to the fullest in this time that Iím given/
Conversate with wisemen and undress beautiful women/
I was driving by the desire for better living/
? not caring so how is it different/
I had peers that became the streets casualties/
It only made me aware of my own mortality/
Reality is most chicks got that ho mentality/
Only care about your dick size and annual salary/
See, I commentate street action like John Madden/
Scientists study my thought pattern and figure out my brainís caption/
Though Iím laid-back no relaxing/
And the latest fashion with a pretty chick that Iím smashing/
And the black women I love you all/
From the caramel Cinderellas to my chocolate Barbie dollís/
I tear down your walls like the city of Jericho/
Iím laughing at your chicks Ďcause the issues hysterical.


Verse 2: Dynamics
See, I ainít grown up in a zone where there was high poverty/
So I never sold drugs or committed armed robbery/
I was in college classes studying Epistemology/
You think about that shit it all makes sense logically/
Psychologically the sickest verbally viscous/
While 90 percent of rappers speak is fictitious/
Iím a culinary artist serving marvelous dishes/
Think about it for a second and youíll probably get it/
You suspicious of the way I rhyme/
I stay on perfect time, itís like Iím expressing the thoughts of my mind/
I stay on the grind with a girl thatís fine/
And every line Iím spitting is genuine/
Iím all about mine ainít no taking nothing from me/
You ainít ready for this son, what up money/
Itís like that-Thatís what Iím getting Iím straight shitting/
On all that other competition-Iím on a mission.


Verse 3: Tech Omega
They say your hands like weed well get them high now/
Vibe down to the flow reminiscent of the chi-town/
Shawty said when you want it (um) how about right now/
Pipe down to the ground while I'm taking the flight round/
Rubber band the track cause I drop a tight sound/
I'm loving dark skins and i'm lovin the light brown/
With golden brown hair that flows like El-Nino/
Say Iím crazy nice! and I mean obscene bro/
Never gave a dream towards making that cream so/
I'm not blinded by no amount of cream yo/
A lot cats to focused when it comes to the doe/
So I lean and I rock and I drop the flow/
Catch me on the track ripping and banging the beat in/
Spit a little game until your shawty is on and cheesin/
Now your squeezing ya fist screaming whats the reason/
íCause a 16 had ya girl on and leaving.