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Procussions - Shabach
(from the album 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents)
© copyright 2006

I can't help but explode to this sound
I've grown with this sound, behold it this sound
This is an offering up with this sound
Get up or sit down only if it ain't loud enough
(Then turn it up!) is this loud enough
(C'mon turn it up) if it's loud enough
Lift your head to the sky and sing loud
With us now, sing loud with us

Mr. J:
Seated under the Son rallying trumpeters
From the alley's the thunder is heard
Have we the Comforter in the valley of death
Run the track till no calories left
And my salary check is that of the promises cavalry kept
And it goes deeper then religion
The speakers keep the rhythm for the meek who seek the wisdom in the music of life
And you will know it when you doing it right when its you on the mic
Pursuing the light in the darkest of times

Stro the 89th Key:
Too often the blind will lead you and miss the target I'm already sick
And tired of tryin to rely on liars they feeding me bits
The pieces don't really fit, so I refer to the script
Sure i'm in line for the time being, my future exists
On a glorious list, created by a designer higher than cumulous tips
And I'm telling you this because it's relevant to the divine evidence
Found in every bone in my body and this sound

They're trying to tear us down we stand face to the crowd
Till the moment that the stones rip the skin from the bones
Then the veins start falling off the muscles thatís hanging
From a wound that gaping ( ) my heart start aching
For the lives that taken so the world can be shaken
Weather shot hung or hose down theyíre never forsaken (those)
Names are the bricks on the path thatís laid?
So we Shabach in praise because they paved the way


Iíd rather be the dead living than live in a dead
Then live in dead tomb the fumes of my sweat is the perfume of my struggle
Prayer double in value shabach double in volume
To the author of life with my nom de plumes
When life consumes you more than death presume a threat
You can assume the ending is soon, so I continue celebrating the sun illuminating
When life is cold than the dark side of the moon

Mr. J:
Somebody get me out of this rib cage
I'm empowered to give praise louder then any shouter when enraged
Whether you out or you in caves or crowded round those men man towers
In this hour of this day feel the power of an open grave
The sour of broken grapes the now or never heart of the hopeful slave
Holding the train throwing a shoulder to the rain showing an older sense of self, knowing whats Holy in his veins

Now everybody got a reason for thanks, even if you don't believe it take a look outside then you'll see it
Now everybody got a reason to smile...even if you don't feel it take a look at a child and you'll see it
Now everybody's been given a voice be it loud be low you've been given a choice and it's yours
For all my people looking to rise, the moments arrived and you are hearing it live and right now