Show Lyrics

Procussions - Anybody
(from the album 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents)
© copyright 2006

Move, break loose, stand up do it now
You, hands up, shake loose, through it now (repeat)
Do it now, do it now do

Now my momma told me never to speak unless spoken to
But silence of a million men could only serve a few
A large amount of words get lost, and I promise you
A lot of people missing the point inside a ryhme or two
How bout if you get a megaphone to shout
Whether with or without it's nothing without clout
But I'll emit a shot in the dark without aim
In a hope to make light of the truth to make evident

Mr J Medeiros:
They must be caught in an irrelevant inaudible embellishment
We oughtta get em bent of applaudable intelligence
Headnodable development noble in resemblance
And call the bull we all invent, vocally with evidence
Locally in settlements we hope to be the peasants
Who have broken free like veterans in hopes to see the heavens
When it opens well be brethren, the dawn of forever
Until then no surrender singing love songs together like...

What i'm yelling at the top of my lungs is all void
If nobody pays attention at all it's just noise

They might raise there hands by the two’s but are they listening
To the music or just enjoying the view
Using rap as a promotion tool that’s that emotionally
Fueled with a passion that’s just as true as the ocean is
Blue to get the masses to move is just is secondary now
To necessity task of barring this good news


Man i’d rather not be heard…. then to be heard
On tape propagating miscellaneous words


Mr J Medeiros:
Get us in, let us in, through it all we better win
The music’s dead within if you do it all for record spins
Or a check with ten zeros its clear yo
The mirror effect but it dont reflect a hero
There i said it you, get it in your stereo
Let me live or let me go
Whatever it is let me know
Cus the radio aint makin room for all that we say
And if they playing us well they must be some crazy DJ's

Somebody told me never talk to the crowd
Cus they’re missing what your saying on stage and when you’re playing
Just scat your rhythm patterns scattered over the drum beat
I’d rather utilize my voice to speak
I was told that the show could move your mind and feet
And fill the space with the essence of old soul caressing
The mic hold a message like a mother holds a carriage
So hold you ears and questions cuz we’re blaring it loud


There's a wise man speaking a lesson to learn even
If the lesson ain't reaching them all, gotta believe in the fact
If you holla somebody'll holla back
But we suffer for a lack of the focus to keep track of it all
I ain't saying I react to it all
But when I feel it got to give an applause


Everybody wanna play but I'm done with these toys
We the last humans looking for life in these droids