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Royal Ruckus - Rude Boy and a rappa
© copyright 1998, Jamey Bennett

CHORUS: We like the cars the cars that go boom/ Cleva and J-Dog step into the room/ Suckas wanna challenge get left inna tomb/ Whitcha chonies on ya head yeah Fruit of the Loom/

VERSE: Hey yo I gotta tell you a little tale/ About some boys with the skin color pale/ It's about J-Dog and about me/ Rollin' inna ride J-Dog Dunkel & the MC/ You see it was we who wanted to take a day/ To record some rhymes that be a-o-k/ A rude boy and a rappa layin down tracks/ Redefining stereotypes rewriting the facts / Plan was it was gonna be ratha tight/ But things got in the way soon it was night/ So throughout the day we met many peeps/ Some cool people & then some creeps/ Matt Shaw, Matt Arritt, & then it was Andi/ The flatline's fam & some oakie named Randy/ Every corner we turn there was opposition/ It left us feelin sad like sons of Perdition/

--eight bar chorus--

VERSE: Hey yo well here comes verse two/ The story of the day it's all true/ Drivin around talkin bout Christina/ Drank way too much so I had to go peena/ We cruised on over & got a mic/ Grubbed some Doritos kuz that's what I like/ Inspiration hit me started writin a rap/ It wasn't very long and that rap was crap/ On and on we went in the town/ By mission 27 we began to feel down/ I said Mike D yo gimme some quarters/ He hooked us up we went back to headquarters/ Here we now sit wasting our time/ Bustin in phat lyrics bustin phat rhymes/ I hope you appreciate what we've gone through/ All the tears and sighs gave birth to this youth/

-- eight bar chorus --

VERSE: Rollin inna ride stereo go boom/ Cruisin wit the homies down the avenue/ True this song is all about kickin it/ But without JC this song would be stickin it/ So I gotta shout out about God and stuff/ About how he helps when things get tough/ I saw my mom today she was cryin'/ I saw J-Dog's mom & she was sighin'/ but we all drew our strength through Christ only/ Jesus is our homie so we never feel lonely/ So this is my story this is my song/ Bustin rhymes for my Savior all the day long / now we done kicked it and hit a phat beat/ Talked about Jesus and faced all the heat/ So sit right back and have a great night / Submit to Jesus Christ don't resist & don't fight/

--eight bar chorus--