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Every Day Life - Cry of the lame

A clenched fist in the air as you burn the community the last that they take in is screaming straight stupidity just because they think they'll find an answer in sheer distraction to right a wrong with a wrong, incorrect function then back with a chant, a call for edification we tried hard to let this plea build this tired nation so submit to the authority and redirect the focus don't fall victim to the world's hocus pocus say you don't know but the books will tell you every day the leaders of the world will set the price for you to pay but the one is the self is to blame, no justice no peace just the cry of the lame

As we wallow in the filth of the verbal defecation many will loose hope for a unified nation as we continue to fail or minds are overrun the more we move back move back to move forward is never done and when we do the struggle starts wrong the tears are represent of the forty third Psalm against this unGodly nation for which we claim we hate you offer a argument but it's a moot debate you would rather offer violence as an answer and solution the only thing you offer to me is mind pollution when you look for salvation in the rudareck a flame no justice no peace just the cry of the lame

The cry of the lame only seeks week victims accomplish at no end to search and to keep them stamp out there eyes and make them blinded make them content with being criminal minded offer false hope in a struggle-some circle now biting your own butt you know it won't work, so to paint the big picture what I say is not insane stop living your life behind the cry of the lame