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Procussions - Miss January (Original)
(from the album 5 Sparrows For 2 Cents)
© copyright 2006

I had to say goodbye to Miss January
She had a hold of my mind for so long
I learned a lesson in life from Miss January
The weight left on my heart is less heavy
When the first light shines
The first light shines in June

I know you met her before, the apple of my eye lady du'jour
The queen of my heart, love of my life, make her my wife
Lover and friend, the never love another again, you know her
I met her out at a park, she had a glow about her even though her long hair was dark
At first she didn't pay me no mind
Every word that I spoke got a reply of her rolling her eyes
I said "If opposites attract then we fit, cause see I think that we should be together
And feel the opposite"
She laughed knowing I was tryin to be cute
Then wrote her number in the palm of my hand in dark blue
Now, goes the story of the boy meets girl
Boy falls in love with girl takes advantage of boy
Annoyed that I could have been so blind
From the start playing my part she had rehearsed every line
And I fell for it every time without shame
Playing a game that caused the most beautiful pain
That never displayed hope, love was a lame joke
A black comedy written just to entertain folks
I knew I had to go when opportunity spoke
I left all of my emotions in the form of a note
And with the dark blue ink of the pen
I washed my hands free of the situation coming to end
God I pray it never happens again.....


Mr J Medeiros:
Yo, true love got the power to change any circumstance
I knew we were far from the same but still I took a chance
Wish I could have looked in advance to your advances
Knowing I'm the book which you read to your advantage
I understand it's not like we planned with the worst intentions
Taken for granted I was stranded in your first impressions
I know it hurts to question but were we a curse or blessing
I guess it's worth confessing maybe then well learn our lesson
Searching for your attention hoping you were doing the same,
Pursuing in vain, knowing that only you were entertained
Using me and I was new to the pain
Cus rejection I hadn't meet him though I knew him by name
True I grew from the pain and the day where I'd pay anything
Standing there like John Cusack from "Say Anything"
Planning on for you to call back but then it never rings
There were so many things there were so many signs
And now I'm chasing wings knowing it's a waste of time
Until my God reminds me of what I truly need
I take a look behind just before your beauty leaves
To get a glimpse of you hoping that you see me too
And now we staring at two people that we never knew
And prolly never know hoping I'll forever grow
Into the one who finally gave the strength to let you go
Snd change my ideas of what true love is
I wipe my eyes clear and rise above this