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Procussions - The Storm
(from the album 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents)
© copyright 2006

It goes Hey.....the war is on outside
This ain't a soundclash turn it up high say hey.....
Fists up toward the the night sky
And light it up with a battle cry
My hear the rain coming
You gonna stand fast, or just keep running
Hey....this life is a long fight
Even when the lightening strikes

I've got my armor and artillery
Hands on a weapon in fact that's ready to attack all enemies
Living with a life given back to the creator
An out of shape soldier in a swamp full of gators
On the mission I've been given it's deep
I'm forgiven so I've got an innervision of peace
In the rhythm of life I breathe
I'm fighting with a fire inside that burns brighter
Till the final bell rings

Mr J Medeiros:
Yo, I was born in a violent storm in an endless fight between right and wrong
I write songs like letters from war
Stuff a message in a bottle then I send it to shore
Encouragement for the men and woman who lost steam
Rebel music for my people who been swimming upstream
Yo some things are not what they seem
Who you thought was the peasant might just be the King


Iím learning total humility brought by humidity
Frustration draining to the sides of my face
Feel cry from your grace tears seep into my cheek
Every crease in my face is a stroke of war paint
Just battlefield journalist capturing a picture of this
Combat mission from a complex prison
Wage war on my inner thatís riddled with imperfection
My sword swung high as the storm subsides

Mr J Medeiros:
I was not made just so I could decay
These songs arenít played just so we can get paid
I walk in the Way and the Truth til the Light works through me
I ainít afraid to say the word beauty
I ainít afraid to be odd
I know the path is hard but somehow im getting closer to God
Knowing by His scars I am healed I kneel in the storm
Till the Morning Stars revealed