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Procussions - I'll Fly
(from the album 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents)
© copyright 2006

It seems so far away....but someday
I'll fly in a world with no evil
Still i pray.....that someway
I'll find in my heart what I'm here for

Mr J Medeiros:
You gotta break through this monotony material monopoly
The modern day idolatry philosophy
People puttin their faith in a lottery
Yo it ain't hard to see the world is in a state of spiritual poverty
And pride's like an artery pumping through the heart of it's hypocrisy
Claiming to be free but it's not you see
If they got the lock who got the key
Who walked on top of the sea yo its not me
But I emulate and copy stimulated by the agape
Winning even though sin awaited to stop me
In the beginning I was knock kneed then I got free
See you can't get cut and not bleed
It's the way of the seed needing the sun to feed
It's a life motivated by love and not greed
It's what I become not just what I believe
Don't let your mind fall a victim to what your eyes perceive


Tara Ellis (Bridge):
So this is life, I know it's hard to say it's easy
But I'm breathin. yes I'm breathin so I'm okay
Cause we all laugh, and we all cry
But I found love and that love is why
I am happy, I'm so happy I'm here today

Jump in the water and get wet, cause and effect, sometimes I forget
I'm living in a world with similar women and men
With similar grins maybe they write with a similar pen
Well hopefully this ain't too similar then
To something you've heard before
Then it's easy to ignore
I'm a man with a view of the world that ain't clear
But it looks out of control from here
See I done began to ask the questions that scratch the surface
To answer why I feel so worthless
Was I a man born with a purpose
And will I be prepared when it's time, or should I just start rehearsing
Now I done figured out I'm far from perfect
But I figure this thing for certain
All of the things I don't know make me fully aware
And satisfied there's a God up there