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Procussions - Track 10 (5SF2C)
(from the album 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents)
© copyright 2006

Intro- Stro:
Yeah... Check it out...
Ya'll heard tracks one through three, right
And it was kinda weak
Number four, we can bring you much more
So we gave you number five and number six
And it was all in the mix
But number seven, it wasn't as great as number eight
And number nine... number nine... it was kinda jive
Well we want to give you this track right here
Yeah, this is track ten!

Mr J. Medeiros:
This is the track where we rap
About this about that
And material crap ola!
Pass me a soda pop, make it diet
The crowd wants a cart wheel!

Gum drops, ice cream soda pop
Chillin in my Power-wheels car baby pa!
Upperdeck cards in my BMX bike
You can have half of my Mike & Ikes sike

Yomy moms cooking fish sticks
Jump from the top of my bunk cuz Im a misfit
See Ive been to you house not snack time
Im the king of my house no nap time