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Procussions - Carousel
(from the album 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents)
© copyright 2006

Mr. J Medeiros:
With the force of an active chief, or mob boss apathy
This urban city sprawl into a Bob Ross masterpiece
Opportunities calls lost , music industry fast asleep
Our community calls for unity in these backward streets
Reverse hustle, words muffled by the corporate monster
The verse muscle the worst of them without a corporate sponsor
"Why we storing bombs for?" Future nuclear engagements
Our cities armed for war and in my backyard is where their tanks sit
Dominatin Iím awaitin our common denominatin
Calm but I'm debatin why these arms of ours are fond of hatin
These limbs, lethal dosage, these grins, leave us hopeless
These rims keep us focused, children eat and sleep with roaches
Abnormal abdominal pain you just have to add this corn meal to your
Chronical pain
Illustrated for a comical gain my biological frame used illogical
For economical reign terminology is not for the plain
We are being used
And coming out our momma's in vain
Remember that part in the Matrix where they were farming for brains?
And you think thatís just a movie, that metaphor it moved me
Get it before you loose speed and head into war with a loose seed
Spawning a new breed the calling of a new greed
Crawling from deep inside the walls in which you bleed.

Somebody get me off of this thing
I really wanna get up off of this thing
I can't see and I'm lost on this thing
I gotta find a way to get off of this thing

Lost in a transmission of a re-run, channel zero for documentaries
Of child heroes, a motivational evil on a podium
Head-spin on a sandpaper linoleum floor
Similar friction making a way for a war
Give your money to the rich take it away from the poor
Nobody knocked before that battering ram shattered the door
Lookin like "What you mad at me for?"
A better question is that gun you waiving at me my protection or yours
Innocent die from a probable cause character flaw
On a sketch pad, the trigger happy families sad
Life spinning out of remote control
Watch a murderer kill washing his hands before he washes his soul
And the leaders turn the truth into an awful joke
Making a profit off the words that a prophet spoke
Liquor drops on the floor where the baby bottle broke
And inside of the mother's coat medicine without a doctors note
A fire started on a strawberry field
Pop culture imitated in pop Warner they pop pills
Outside at a bus stop Nickolodeon backdrop
Double dare on a sesame street, sound of a gunshot
Flares for nite-lights scattered bullets for lullabies
Symphony of the chaotic soundtrack of the frontlines
Heavy metal elevator music to cloud nine
Revolutionary Radiohead trip enjoy the ride