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Procussions - For the Camera
(from the album 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents)
© copyright 2006

Mr J Medeiros:
Composing raps like dropping notes in a prayer box
In hopes we wrote a track that might evoke a new way of thought
Focusing where you are, noticing days are numbered here
Yo folks is chasing stars while they through away their wonder years
It's savage the way we have kids kneeling to actors
The tragedy is half of this kids don’t feel attractive
And the media is trapping us while feeding us fashion tips
If sex were the truth I swear these magazines be abstinent
I’ve yet to see an add where men haven’t been tampering
Their air brush and magic pen turning women to manikins
We preferring the hands of men, over the hands of God
Understand your beautiful with or without those camera's on
Quick a photo op, click the photo shop
You fit the picture and the logo, now you know its hot
Is what they saying when they making the cash
And got the whole world smiling while we wait for the flash

Chasing the quest for fame is figure eight taking you back
To the place, you started your quest for fame
Just the same, we are raised to love the glamorous
The back drops, stage props, and artificial lighting
We’re trained to get excited at celebrity sightings
Seeing value in your brother gets a little bit vague
As idle Americans build American idols
The golden calf may change but the recitals the same
You’re hyped up then slain in fifteen minutes of praise
They claim the fame will make life better til’
They’ll snatch the red carpet from under your glass slippers
And your Cinderella complex a star gets dimmer
We gave media hype has the power to weave our dreams
Reality just a theme for meaningless screen plays
They'll pay million for a picture and a scripted kiss
When they’re buying young souls for ten cents

Nobody ever asked you to dance right
Your prom night photo made you order a pill to make you eat light
Petite slim weighted women you wanna sound like
It's all hype filling your body in heavy sound bytes
Don't get me wrong if it means to motivate you
Just determine if the image is real or if it's sort of fake
We outta make‘em tell’em the truth
From what the camera shoots
And use the negatives for evidence providing the proof
Funny how that little chip on your tooth
Can be removed without a dentist just a chip inside your Pentium fluke
Alert the king because there's thieves on the roof
Hold your watches and your money cause they after the youth
Study hall is like a video shoot, you can't tell
If the girl in the front of the class is age twelve or twenty four
Your child is in grown folks clothes and you wonder why they striking a pose