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Procussions - Vader March
(from the album 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents)
© copyright 2006

Mr. J Medeiros:
I pray to remain relevant refraining from vain intelligence
I'm but an element of evidence bearing the same resemblance
As you do, got your attention like yoohoo,
The hints the divine finger prints are seen through you
I'm animated a man painted in nature
I'm mandated by the Hands of the Creator
To state the fact ive been given back to the source
Of life forcing my mic course to change course
And speak of that awesome power from Boston
To the Eiffel tower every hour thatís lost
Is a moment of time for evoken a mind
Blood soakin in wine bread broken hoping to find
Somebody wanna open the blinds within your heart
Given a start to finish see, my life is my ministry
Whether im in the industry or independent
I gotta stay dependent and being in God presence
In an attempt to write a sentence larger then words
Hittin harder then verbs, convicted like martyrs observe
The living water which the Father reserved
And served through His Servant a thirst certain to conquer the serpent
Stirred in the current till the curtains where drawn
I'm certain its dawn been working since I heard the alarm
Transformed by the pierce of the arms Who came back
If you itchin for the truth homie heres the scratch.

Something has got to give
We aint afraid to die no we just afraid to live
Something I got to fill
When up to love all we know if pain we feel
Something has got to break
Inside of me its gotta be the ties we make
The lies we create to feel less lonely
Somebody please hold me

To all my peers learning to turn on a new page
Take the first step and rise up find your grip climb up
Eyes up as we dance for pennies in the change cup
God change up the groove for the better never for strange luck
The mind been reconditioned cosmetic reposition
The shrouded cloud disappeared my eyes have new vision
Seeing the true illusion today this fear Iím losing
It loosens the strains to wake for me to stop snoozing
Breathe in the new pollution gasses for the masses
Attracts us to follow the media and sleep fast
Bombs blast and bullets pierce the temples of the innocent
Images of burning Villages pillaged the night before
Missiles fired on accident blast through the door
Just the heat can melt babies flesh to the floor
This side of the war, kids catching strays like kick balls
Wondering the role that I play, Iím confused in this all
cuz freedom was never free itís fought and died for
No matter your definition atheist to Christian
The thin line is missing in the division of men
The president to the terrorist to the activist rapist
Pockets marked in dark red from the blood money
Twisted religion and law to their own it so cunning
Every man is flawed we all make mistake but
It your choice tests your faith to wake up