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Procussions - American Fado
(from the album 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents)
© copyright 2006

Mr J Medeiros:
It's forty dollars with a condom, sixty dollars without
She’s fifteen and on the streets, a harlot living out
The story of the homeless, somehow she feels its safer
Than to go back to were home is and the man that use to rape her
Only now it's paid for, she just got to wait for
Her high to set in, her vitamin to go a day more
Wishing she could say more, but she dont know who to trust
We know her story she don't know none of us
Plus all the lawyers and the doctors she know got no respect for her
Why would they stop her when they paying to have sex with her
And everyday she’s left with a bruise to remind her
She lost in a world where aint nobody trying to find her
It's the effect of the brainwash to reject and blame for
The pain she injects it keeps infecting the same sore
Around this time is when I came to the door
Hoping we would be the same as before
But I was dead wrong, I knocked and saw the lock was gone
And when I peeked through it, my heart broke, I stood frozen in its leaked fluid
Waiting to thaw out, contemplating who to call out
Cus she’s lying on the floor lifeless
And ain’t no time to think twice cus the nature of time is
To leave you out of breath while you stuck waiting for sirens
And luck is hard to find when you a block from the hospital
And everyone your asking for help reacts hostile
She’s hardly breathing, her arteries are bleeding
I hate to break your part but somebody find a reason
Shut up and grab her feet please, I'm asking for help
The blood escaping her arms described exactly how I felt

This is a story of a girl who never knew her mother
Before she goes I hope she knows that someone truly loves her
And it's that love that got me starring at her heart beats
The last man to hold her hand before her heart sleeps

Mr J Medeiros:
I remember when I first met her
I was the only one who fed her instead of giving her change
Never given her name, she held it secret from our conversations
"It's all I have of my moms and so I keep it sacred"
Is what she said to me in a poem she read to me
She was only thirteen then but wrote incredibly
Regrettably that'd be the last time we talked
On our path to being friends we walked fast but it was cut short
You know the cliche: a day late plus a buck short
And with demons to pay you know she must work
I never knew how to help her but in my heart I felt her
For a year and a half I was praying she'd find shelter
Then I heard about this dealer and the cards that he had delt her
The apartment where he held her and how he started to sell her
Now what can I tell her when she’s frigid and cold
My tears fell on the bridge of her nose and mixed with the life leaving,
I tried to fight the bleeding and give her another reason
She should open her eyes
But why should she hope for a guy she barely knew
To carry her through the doorway of the ICU
And yet it happened and I'll never forget that lady
Who screamed, "Doctor, I think that man's holding your baby"
I thought the nurse was crazy until he entered in
And fell to the floor as his reality has emptied him
Shes been with many men but never knew the love of one
And now I'm starring towards the floor at one of them
Who turns and asks me how I know his daughter
All I knew is she was thirsty so I gave her water