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Procussions - Don't Take It Personal (Japanese Version)
(from the album 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents)
© copyright 2006

Don't take it personal now but uh
I ain't the kind of girl that you thinking of
I didn't come to find me a man
And going home with you ain't part of the plan
Don't take it personal now but you
Seem to be a little bit confused
I didn't come to find me a man
And going home with you ain't part of the plan

There she stands just a little untypical from the usual suspects
Spectators an stunning misses
In the middle of the disco tech with in the mist
Of the wondering eyes and cigarette kisses
Short dresses and money hungry actresses
Thug cats buff tats drunk trying to meet
A waistline found caressing the beat the baseline thickens
Her hair sways to the rhythm she an ex-
Vixen with an extensive past expensive her brown skin wrapped
In sax fifth ave. her plan get the guy grab the money and dash
That was her formal life a material girl how found a spiritual
Light and change no longer a slaver to the cocaine and bright chain
High fashion but her clothes are just a little less reviling
But the dudes in the club are just a little less forgiving
Cuz they remember those legs and the way that they seem to glide
A bunch of male egos that really need to be pacified
So every guy then proceeds with his corny lines
Psss. hay ma, me and you need to spend sometime
……………. maybe thinking that
They can unwrap this pretty package at the flat
But fact is your advances are kinda wack
So, there no change for romance
She just came here to dance please


Mr J Medeiros:
This pretty girl knows the way of the street
Plus the way of the world and how to stay on her feet
I was like look see she’s playing it sweet
But you dont know the half till they playing her beat
Then your chance to speak is gone
Why you think she came to the club with sneakers on
Well, she didn’t come to drink and giggle
She’s a b-girl she digs Ken Swift Mr. Wiggles
You know, Crazy Legs this lady craves
Classic break-beats and dope DJ’s
But eh, you might have a chance,
But you most likely wont have this dance
Cus breaking wasn’t made for two
Unless you part of a crew or you battling fools
And you already trying to battle the crowd
Making your way to the bar saying the music to loud
And you should probably check your intention
Before you buy her a drink I think I should mention
She’s kinda that church type so that R&B voice wont work tonight

Can you tell me what's your name girl
Don't keep playing games girl
I know you feel me just the same girl
We can fly on my plane girl
Let me take you to my house
I'll give you my money in large amounts
I really wanna spend my life with you
Or maybe just an hour or two