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TRUTH, da - Fourplay
(from the album Moment of Truth)
© copyright 2004

Stay away from those fly girls, shorts up to their thigh girls/
Looking like cow girls making their eyes twirl/
I know their lips drip like honey but their promiscuous/
I recommend you keep your ears from their vicious lips/
And to my sisters stay away from those fly misters/
Donít be deceived by the way they got riches/
Godís richer, God wit cha/
I know sex seems like a big thing but Godís bigger

Verse 1:
Sex is alright in Godís sight/
As long as the two are married not prom night/
See the world they got sex up in the limelight/
Claiming that you canít survive without it but thatís a lie right/
Well of course it is sex will put you in a spiritual orphanage/
Itís unfortunate changing your life like a metamorphosis/
Deeper than explorers get/
But the deeper you get the more you slip/
Come on you can be honest sex is addictive like narcotics/
But will leave you broke like Ebonics read phonics/
Itís not demonic relative to the exotic/
Relentless flesh that wonít rest Ďtil erotic/
Thoughts are established/
Sex before marriage causes emotional damage/
You better believe it duke Ďcause sex is lust of the flesh/
And lust of the eyes/
But you donít understand I love this girl you canít justify/
Try to justify lust with love is just a lie/
You better trust the Word of God, itís either trust or die/
The Bible informs the nation to flee from fornication/
Plus to abstain from them sexual conversations/
Masturbation, pornographic stations/
Stop shopping at Condom Nation/
But rather bless God who conquers nations/
Despite the fact that sin is popular in its population/
I recommend, get a lock for your chastity belt and tell no one the combination/
Before marriage takes place (thatís weak why not)/
You know haste makes waste/
Sex before marriage makes the body impure/
You better know what your in for/
Or whatís in store I implore you brothers to endure/
The temptation of sexual sin/
Whether it be hetero or homosexual sin/
The flesh battles against the spirit-Weíre in a war zone/
The question is who wins the spirit or our hormones/
Weíre more prone to follow the flesh cause itís convenient/
Streaming throughout the pours of the body steaming/
Son listen up its enough for lust to be risen up/
Which conceives sin then death position up/
Put on the whole armor just to guard your mind up/
Hold every thought captive to Christ let you wind up/
With unnecessary pain plus drama but if you stand firm/
And exercise your faith doing what heís fond of/
Godís promises to you canít be broke up/
I recommend you flee from lust son before you choke up.


Verse 2:
(Step 1) when you see a shorty donít try to act fly/
Turn on your cat eyes and stare hard at her backside/
(Thatís weak all men look so why canít I)/
Because it stirs lust in your heart dude thatís why (ok)/
Besides are you just a man or a man of God analyze/
Control them eyes when sheís passing by/
(Step 2) avoid late late rendezvous/
You know when your watching a movie/
But then the movieís watching you/
(But what else we got to do)/
Anything rather than hugging on mom dos couch for two/
(Step 3) watch how you display affection/
Hands moving up her thighs to her mid section/
Next your giving each other body inspection/
ĎTil your digging in your pocket looking for protection/
(Step 4) avoid watching movies full of nudity/
ĎCause the more you see the more it tears down your spiritual immunity/
The same goes for rap and r&b/
I know its hard to see but their lyrics are not in harmony/
With Godís views take heed to this Godís news/
Youíve got everything to gain and nothing to lose/
Youíve got everything to gain and nothing to lose/
Take heed to this Godís news.