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TRUTH, da - Resurrection
(from the album Moment of Truth)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
Iím home sick, this bodyís a tent-Heavenís where home is/
I guess its safe to say that Godís people are homeless/
And just as sure as a fugitive runs/
Our monies are tied up in mutual funds/
Cats be like you got unusual ones/
Thatís because the riches we got are stored up for after the funeral son/
Numeral one: Christ had to rip the veil/
ĎCause it was bad blood between us like sickle cell/
Anemia, the media they keep feeding us lies/
And immediately we eat it up like medium fries/
Whoa, the heart beating inside longs for the day/
When Christ will come plus bring me to his side/
And clothe me in white weíll be just like him/
Like Kobe and Mike me and my homies, my wife/
Me and my homies like R-Swift, J Silas, CM, Corey, Precise/
We going to glory, Right? Weíre headed to the

New heavenís new earth, baby I got proof/
Itís Jesus Christ resurrection and Iím not duped/
This is objectivity, itís not my truth/
We going to glory yíall how Ďbout you?

Verse 2:
My papa ainít no rolling stone and when the angels rolled the stone away/
You better know the Roman Soldiers were blown away/
(We got a stow away) naaa, Jesus Christ died, resurrected/
Folded his clothes, then stole away/
Now thatís incredible-He showed himself to credible witnesses/
That witnessed his death but didnít expect/
Him to come out of the grave/
Just as the Scriptures had said/
And he thought the ladies was sick in the head/
When the came back reporting what they had seen with their eyes/
The disciples were skeptical so they sent Peter and John/
To verify what they told them (Jesus is risen)/
Meanwhile the chief priests were bribing the soldiers/
Obviously with a valuable token/
They told them to keep quiet and just to say that his body was stolen/
By the disciples at night while the soldiers were sleeping/
But their story was leaking, he showed himself breathing/
Living and moving, made appearances, show them his feet/
And His nail scarred hands, reiterated and told them his secret/
He said that Iím the fulfillment of Mosesí teaching/
Cleophusí grievance, turns into joy Ďcause he was hoping to see this redeemer/
Even Josephus, wrote of this Jesus the historical Christ/
Even explorers alike, this irrefutable evidence/
In support of his life, plus his dying/
Iím not lying, tell a friend thatís agnostic/
God has got no skeletons in his closet/
They canít find his bones, theyíre no where to be found/
Not even his teeth, theyíre no where in the ground/
(Why?) ĎCause heís home wearing the crown/
The disciples watched him ascend/
Now weíre holy spirit endowed with the power to be witnesses/
How many listeners know that when you die youíll rise/
And be with the rest of us/
Weíre not cocky, weíre confident in the God who rescued us/
Plus resurrected his son from out of the sepulcher/
Have you accept these facts/
If you havenít letís chat after the show or e-mail me/
And Iíll be happy to rap about these matters/
Concerning our faith, Jesus Christ resurrection/
Has determined our fate.