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Stephen the Levite - Fuzz Duckers
(from the album To Die is Gain)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1: Stephen the Levite
What would it be like? American cops chasing the Levite/
Ducking the fuzz strictly because I preach Christ/
Yo! Imagine that, church numbers dropping like a battle axe/
Cats look into the book of Acts can you handle that/
Phone taps, old holy raps like a throw back/
Quote that, don t hold back; I need some mo of that/
Good stuff, brothers hide their Bibles on some hood stuff/
Keep the book tucked where the cops won t look, stuff/
It in your bag, in the secret pocket where you hide your stash/
Little pocket Testaments next to a magnifying glass/
Double "0" Seven-slash reverend/
Agent of salvation, representing the kingdom of heaven/
Don t twist it, preaching means your life, would you risk it/
Or chicken out, like you should be coming with a biscuit/
You laughing? Don t laugh when I say it could happen/
They already want us silent like Charlie Chapman/
They re banning us, California, NY, Canada/
Preaching against gay behavior can place you in the slammer/
That s what s up, this rapping stuff, could get tough/
Half of us, praying we can back these raps up/
Like "prove it, to die is gain right? Try doing it/
Or better yet, try suffering without losing it"/
The voice of the martyrs, bold Holy Ghost fire starters/
Sheep slaughtered: still more than conquerors.

The blood of the saints is the seed of the church/
Yo! We suffer the reign of the evil and flourish/
‘Cause the sum of our pain isn’t equal to the hurts/
Of the Son who was hanged on the tree and was cursed/
Are you shunned by the ranks cause your preaching His word/
Are you dumb when they say what you believe is the worst/
Yo! We’ve come to awake you from sleeping it s urgent/
The coming of our Savior is creeping, you working.

Verse 2: Ant
There s a (knock knock) at the door the rest of/
The group hidin in the back and a little girl is peeking through a crack/
At her pastor and a man demanding bible’s and tracks/
The pastor standing on faith won t answer back/
And a fist swung lands in face, “now where they at!?”/
Screams the man as he searches the place the group stashed/
In the back holds hands and reacts by praying/
For the pastor that he d stand and the man s salvation/
It’s third location they’ve met within the week/
Just meet, get in the word takes place in a friend’s basement/
It’s crazy what s facing this congregation of saints/
In a nation filling with hate while the governments regulating/
The church, phones tapped more than a cold shoulder/
It hurts to be bold parishioners get attacked/
At work you get the sack from employers liberal/
Land lords given orders tolerance has borders/
But Christ is the greatest treasure to those peddling/
The gospel knowing the cost and not settling /
it s hostile more than a little bit but they look at apostles/
Christ’s cross and see that the loss is winning it/
Joyous broke fisherman reaping heavenly dividends/
Giving in? Never! Cause nothing severs us from His love/
We’re His kids while some are ducking the fuzz/
The faithful will wait and pray while they face it in patience until he comes again!


Verse 3: Ackdavis
Solely out for Christ our position is sacred/
Lowly lives of light our position is hated/
Holy God insight opposition is taken/
So we bomb your flight to forbidden engagements/
Phony brothers and false converts against bond servants/
Committed to stand like fans at long concerts/
Conquers sent every nation with the gospel as our reply in the midst of interrogation/ Bandits scheming-police demand the ceasing of preaching/
Or your sent in the van to the precinct /
You’re told that the scriptures you had is indecent/
Exposure of the sin that mans into keeping/
Next to the local boarders through torture/
The PSB say there protecting the social order/
You gotta almost love death to accept this work/
Your persecuted and left like your less your worth/
They seek to ruin and test you lessons first/
It’s PERSCUTION!!! The fall and the death of the mega-church/
We duck strays from henchmen who tuck blades convince that/
You should be hanged if you have and unchanged opinion/
UNDERGROUND!!! it s a subway of Christians/
Who move the gospel like it done changed positions/
The unsaved are distant/
So we labor till death for this message a one-way redemption/