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Every Day Life - Bystander

Shots they ring out every night in my community an audible testimony of another life that is soon to be either the creator or the victim of a circumstance enhance from this chance not standing there in a trance presiding over your child at the funeral or viewing believing all the lies that the media is spewing telling you that guns were meant for unlawful kill be not a puppet to television brainwashed at there will


Persecuted and put down on the playground every single day because when you go to school free lunch is what pays the way but keep your nose in the books and one day you'll come out ahead responsibilty is what is keeping the family fed strive for the goals that you set for your self don't be ashamed that the aid will put the food on your shelf please understand that a child's words can rip the soul stay focused on Christ and stay in control


One thing is true that even people in love fight but don't blame your self if things don't turn out so right your still their child and they'll love you forever and this in no means you become a parents lever in a marital split where your welfare is at hand when push comes to shove they both love you and will stand up for the best interest in the name of the family it's not your fault in a love-gone-a -stray-tragedy