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Braille - Shine
(from the album Symphony of the Spiritual Amnesty (SOTSA))
© copyright 2004

Shine, now is the time and the time is right now
Don't hesitate, gotta let it all out
Shine if ya got it, shine if ya got it
If it's holding you back, leave it behind
And shine!

All I need is a chance to get open
And not be limited by environments controlling my emotional status
Using lyrical tactics, I master tracks and fast forward past distractions
Interacting with the symphony, dropping sagas and gems
Problems conquered occur once again
I got one life to live, many mics to rock and on the rock I stand
Yo, the burden is light, the light shines
I'm turning from the bad meaning bad way of living
Braille giving eternal wisdom acquired from the king of this
I'll take the ring for this and start swinging
It ain't over when the opera chick stops singing
We battle not, with flesh and blood
I fear none through the rough times and trials try’an smother my dreams
Ay yo, we waiting for the end but it's only begun
In a city of chaos I keep my eyes on the Son


Troubles in the flesh cause drama
City streets are filled with cheap thrills and bad karma
Mad illness, I guard my heart from infection
Draw close to God for protection which he offers to all of us
Forks in my road got me scratching my noggin
Walking down memory lane with many options
Victory is promised it's the concept that's hard to grasp
We try to make it complex and miss the simple reality
Definition of freedom is easy to obtain/ are you willing to change
And not look back as your leaving Egypt
We're all equipped with unique gifts which
The world would rather suffocate then uplift
It's our competitive nature
That has us hating each other, faking our true intent, friends become snakes
The challenge is to repent and deal with it face to face
Demolish the lies in your life causing hurt
Decide what's worth your time and what's wasting it
Cause life is what you make of it, make of it


My sweaty palms grab the microphone and sing songs
Ever gently with creative cadence created creatively
Never cater my steez or style to be the fans favorite mc
I focus my train of thought, shine in dark tunnels
Discovering paths, spinning in circles and kissing the ground
Spitting rounds under water are you listening now
Searching for sunken treasure and found rubies in your skeleton
Oxygen bubbles floating to the surface and I'm yelling
At the top of my lungs, violently swinging sharp objects and prayers
My offensive attack, towards those trying to offset
My life long pursuit, bringing truth
Raising fruit in fatal conditions
And watching it grow once exposed to the light
That lives inside of us
Inside of us, lives in inside...shine!