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Timothy Brindle - Preciousness of Time
(from the album Killing Sin)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Iíve got a whole lot to say about time/
So now Iím a shout mine because itís about time/
God created time so Heís able to end it/
Plus He entered time and came and descended/
But Heís not ever bound by time/
Heís eternally perfect so Heís never out His prime/
God always existed even with no time/
Then He spoke things into existence in no time/
In His divine mind He decreed a time line/
To display His glory to creatures and said, ďTimeís mine.Ē/
So time or fate is not the sovereign/
In fact time is ruled by God the Father/
Some say time will tell but actually it canít/
Because Heís already said what will happen in advance/
Heís the Lord of time-this rhymes is worshiping/
He ainít serving time- time is serving Him/
See time is a space given by God in His kindness and grace/
As Heís shining His face/
Yet itís kind of funny-some say time is money/
But timeís more precious than money, wine, or honey/
Because weíre spending time- thereís no refunds/
Weíll never see it again- thereís no reruns/
If you lost your hummer itís possible to cop another/
But time is something we cannot recover/
Yet Iím baffled/
How some think they can preserve time inside of a time capsule/
But since the fall of man/
The sands of time are turning us all back into salty sand/
But our souls have an eternal destination/
So use your time to make sure the best is taken/
Itís either in preparation to better praise Him/
Or further steps toward eternal separation.

Verse 2:
On Wall Street a rich dude snorts lines/
His morning devotion is the New York Times/
And Time magazine at times it seems/
Time flies as if time had some wings/
But this is irony right/
While most spend the time of their life trying to have the time of their life/
Thinking lies are really true/
If youíre busy killing time the truth is time is killing you/
But youíre too cool- you love to take your time/
You fool- God can come and take your time/
Then Heíll search your mind and surely find your works are slime/
Once sinís an eternal prime it takes eternity to serve the time/
Reject Him and regret how your spurned this rhyme/
You offended the Divine/
In hell, like Michael Jackson, Youíll remember the time/
Once your time is up you blasphemer/
You canít travel back with a flux capacitor/
Itís such a massacre when Christís popping the sky/
Youíll want to go back in time like Marty McFly/
But you sharply despised Christ kindness my friend/
And He gave you a lifetime to repent/
So next time youíre asking what time is it/
Know Christ can come to give times final tick/
Your eternity hangs on what you do with time/
So use it to trust the Savior of human kind/
Whose more than somebody/
And at the right time Jesus Christ died for the ungodly/
So when the fullness of time came the Ruler of time came/
To pull us from prides chain/
The time is fulfilled- His kingdom is at hand/
So repent and believe and come cling onto the Lamb.

Verse 3:
If you live to be 90 thereís an absurdity/
Even thatís a blink compared to eternity/
Christians most of the time we donít make the most of our time/
So letís refocus on Jehovahís design/
Yet Iím convicted/
By how much of my timeís been wicked even since Iíve been Christian/
But time is ticking and life is a vapor/
So delight and then savor Christ whose our Savior/
Please read Ephesians 5: 16 and youíll find we need to be redeeming the time/
Because weíll give an account of what we did or didnít do with our time/
Donít just sit in the house/
Yeah Christ blood assures securely/
But our use of time affects our rewards and glory/
To the vine weíre attached/
So letís bear fruit and work overtime like making time and a half/
Excuse me teens-itís useless to be glued as fiends/
To the TV and computer screen/
No time for folly and gossip and small is the profit/
If spending all day at the malls we are shopping/
No time to waste playing playstation or taking vacations/
Today is the day of salvation/
For unsaved pagans donít waste a moment/
Please take time to share the great atonement/
Donít spend it sinning-youíll dead that syndrome/
Instead invest time of how to spread the kingdom/
Instead of serving time/
Letís spend time serving the needs of others- and His worth will shine/
And since we canít rewind a minute/
Be careful to kill sin because thereís no time for sinning/
So avoid sins poison and disaster/
And in the end weíll enter in the joy of our master.