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Timothy Brindle - The Faithfulness of Christ
(from the album Killing Sin)
© copyright 2005

Verse 1:
Lord, is there any more mercy left/
For this stubborn stiff-neck sinner who flirts with death/
Any more goodness for me to smell and taste/
Or have I dried up all the wells of grace/
Could your fountain of love be empty/
Jesus, is there any more of your blood to cleanse me/
As soon as I thought I got this sin beat/
Iím knocked from my feet and dropping in deep/
ĎCause I played the whore and despised your glory/
Even though youíve only shown kindness towards me/
I belittled your worth and spurned your Bible/
Plus I turned aside to worthless idols/
But in the mountains of your riches/
There is abundant grace and storehouses of forgiveness/
So Iím no longer doubting calamity/
I thank you that Iím not kicked out of your family/
Iím that snotty nose kid who trips-my knees are cut/
But you never leave me down you lift and clean me up/
So Iím running back to the cross/
Where you suffered wrath for my sin I canít fathom the cost/
So when the enemyís condemning me Ďcause I offended Thee/
I remember that my penalty was paid/
So the Judge ainít mad/
ĎCause He took His anger out on You like You were His punching bag.

Verse 2:
I thank you Father that Your spirit convicts us/
To return back to You where you hear us and fix us/
Your compassion is deep after I weep/
Youíre faithful to put me back on my feet/
But this song is dedicated to all my fellow brothers and sisters who are devastated from fallen/
Be thankful Jesus is so gracious/
Heís faithful even when weíre faithless/
Weíre not saved in accordance to our performance/
Otherwise no one would have assurance/
Weíre saved through faith in Christís finished work/
Which is His perfect life and sacrifice to forgive our dirt/
So please be relieved/
God sees you in Christ with the righteousness that He achieved/
So if you fall repent Heíll re-heal again/
Then get back on your feet and keep killing sin/
Donít stay down-look to the cross and the gospel/
Get up renewed but be cautious and watchful/
And truly die to your pride/
Ask the Lord to create a clean heart and new desires inside/
And recall how sinís deceit is so grievous/
Now strive and press on to know Jesus/
Giving praise to the King who is risen/
Saying blessed is the man whoís sins are forgiven/