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Timothy Brindle - The Temptation
(from the album Killing Sin)
© copyright 2005

Timís facing temptation/
Sinís waiting Iím getting impatient/
Its 11:20 and desires are raging raw/
Inside this fire itís waging war/
Lust is calling/
I feel myself getting closer to pornís clutch and falling/
Then Iíll be stuck indulging/
To this wicked and gross sin, but no I trust Heís sovereign/
Father I know that youíre able to rescue/
Save me from this then Iíll praise You and bless You/
But then my flesh it fights back itís wretched like that/
It wonít settle until it gets its trife snack/
It want to be appeased my thoughts are being teased/
It wonít stop so Iím dropping on my knees/
My actions froze/
I know I need to pray but the passion grows/
Stronger, it craves for satisfaction/
And it seems itís strength is fastly grasping/
Its hold on me and itís only a matter of time until Iím snatched in trapped in/
In my sinful desires- Iím hating/
Iím sick of resisting and tired of fighting/
I feel locked in like those in prison/
Without your help now I know Iíll give in/
Now Iím longing to sin dude/
But my only hope is the Fatherís promise to cling to/
How can this passion and urge/
Be zapped and then purged? /
So I dive and I grab for His word/
Next to me- when I open my bible to this text I see/
Godís promise to rescue me/
Psalm 50:15- so I cry it out to the Lord with this big scream/

You said, ďCall upon me in the day of trouble I will deliver you and you shall glorify Me.Ē

So Lord You say if I call on your name/
Then Youíll deliver me from falling in shame/
I want to glorify You before Your eyes to/
So please help me adore and prize You/
Because I know sin is so destructive/
Give me strength by Your Spirit because I was almost sucked in/
But I trust Your faithful promises/
Your nameís to great I wonít dishonor it/
And sinís deceiving but Your word displays this/
Nothing compares to Your worth and greatness/
And while I wait on You Lord with my face to the floor/
As I pray I start craving You more/
Because the sweetness of Your loveís more hot to me/
Than the fleeting pleasures of pornography/
And I know that only You Adonai/
Can keep my souls appetite satisfied/
But Romans 6 must be read again/
To remind me that Iím dead to sin/
Yo truly I believe this/
At the cross my old sinful self was crucified with Jesus/
And with Him Iím resurrected to/
So my bodily members I present to You/
And verse 14 says that sin shall not be master over me/
So I know Iím free/
But forgive me for even entertaining to notion/
To open up sins potency- so I turn to Romans 3/
To see a love abundantly how Your blood it covers me/
So all praise to the trinity/
For deliverance from sin He gave me this victory/
From the shame of iniquity
Now all praise to the trinity/
Who gave me this victory/
Yo all praise to the trinity/
For His word, strength, and sufficiency- He gave me this victory.