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Stephen the Levite - To Die Is Gain
(from the album To Die Is Gain)
© copyright 2006

To live is Christ and to die is gain/
Either way He’s glorified in His saint’s/
When our lives are changed, and the ‘I’ is crucified in His name/
And we identify in His pain (we’re gonna rise to reign)

Verse 1: Steve
Divine Architect perfecting a sky scraper/
Never paralleled by Babylonian tower making Adonai haters/
This worlds fly but El Shaddai's greater/
So I smile now, knowing there's no time in heaven to cry later/
While the world's towers are crumbling/
The same Rock keeping me firm got the disobedient stumbling/
The Stone rejected by the builders/
Now seen as the head of the corner conquering gangs and drug dealers/
Now His crew rolls thick/
International recruiters with passports and pack of few who flow sick/
Spitting truth to cats who throw brick/
Ready for martyrdom, separating lamps from little glow sticks/
This joint here is for the believers over seas/
Smuggling bibles and preaching Jesus where ever God pleases/
Regardless of the received opposition, you remain harmless/
Soldiers for Christ enduring hardness/
From the underground Christian emcees/
To cats leading underground bible studies in foreign countries/
From cats passing tracts and planting seeds/
To Pastors planting churches, with a passion for legacy/
From the boy praying for his families salvation/
To the man begging with tears for God to save his nation/
Your treasures in heaven are waiting/
Your work is not in vain, and benefits come with this occupation/


Verse 2: Steve
Yo, the mission is still "Build Up!" Redeemed Thought, blood bought/
Members of the Body of Christ the Holy Spirit sealed up/
Teaching to edify the brethren/
And preaching to add living stones to the Master Builders collection/
Thrilled to be His Co-workers/
We Orchestrate Rhymes Serving His Illuminating Purpose, we call it W.O.R.S.H.I.P./ Service goes beyond the churches, enter the trenches/
Too many Christians are riding the benches/
Pew punks, on some whack Christmas and Easter junk/
Swearing they know God, but that's bunk/
They know they be getting it crunk, leaving the club half drunk/
Their garments drenched in the stench of skunk/
Sinners with suits on Sundays mocking/
The cats rocking the Timbs and fitted caps digging the doctrine/
Not knowing that cat was earning a masters/
In seminary ready to plant a church and pastor/
This tracks for the objects of man's laughter/
The Jesus freaks, hitting the streets, who look past the/
Persecution in the pursuit of God, chasing after/
His prosperity, not presently, but after/
Tribulation so endure with patience/
Jesus Christ has conquered the world and He keeps a leash on Satan/
Your treasures in heaven are waiting/
Your work is not in vain and benefits come with this occupation/