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Ohmega Watts - The Treatment
(from the album The Find)
© copyright 2005

This is a treatment

I got a cure
I got a pure way of speaking to the people on tour
I got a little truth if youíre simply unsure
I can fit it to your mindís contour Ďtil your spine wants more
Iím fine on the floor, but Iíd rather stand
Rather hand what I can to child, woman, and man
Iíd rather build a fan base slow
Rather teach you, I reach with a grand grade show
Iíll give it all I got and I need none back
Iíll spit it Ďtil itís hot and all I needís one track
Iíll give it cuz itís been given to me, Iíll give it cuz Iím síposed to
Give it to you free, donít matter if I know you
Love gotta show through, me and my whole crew
Fill your bank account better than some dough do
Cities that I blow through go cold crush
Those that I touch gotta feel a slow rush

This is a treatment, a method which takes time to master
Stylistic shapes and form, out of the norm
Big Rec, Braille, and Manchild bringing it on

Armed forces forced to forfeit against the linguistic swordsman
Crack a cookie for a fortune, biting my style is forbidden
Wisdom contain, in chambers, locked in my mentality
How I kill the beat with skills elite is an unsolved mystery
Solved, by the detective, inspecting the scene with keen eyes
You write rhymes with green eyes, I write to free minds
In neon signs, easily noticed, among the chaos and madness
You paperweight, plastic, never gonna be classic
Class is in session, I cipher with freestyle methods
That paint the wall better then your pen sketches, catch this
Sales pitch that Braille rips, microphones immensely
If I blow theyíll probably call me, the next Elvis Presley
Press me on CDs and Wax, tapes are obsolete like your style is
Your style is obsolete cause you have none
I scatter mine, climb the ladder, continue to grow
Your performance ainít live, youíre just putting on a show
Iím showing and proving, shaking and moving, the medication is soothing
Rocking often, dropping wattage, to unclog the blockage to your heart
Thatís the target that weíre aimed at, the truth hurts
Thatís how we bring the pain and the treatment on the same track


This is a treatment, pay attention to the lesson at hand
Grand or a million couldnít buy these stats
Yeah, you writing exact, now we bringing it back

I wreck shop by nature, direct shots, I ? you
Direct spots, behavior inappropriate for label on microphones
I major in mastering the vision, giving Ďem spirit limitless
To rhythm Iím indigenous
My stimulus is impetus impeding all the impotent
They who force the ignorance ignite, I do diminish men
On mics I might just finish them
Proper treatment of the cultureís missing, intimidation
Canít fit in when witnessing, this African American
Guy and heís warrior, breaking through corridors
Of the fallacyville who ainít listening
Sticking in the fickle with the tickle four
Passage, I frustrate the fake and jacks, the art of rap Iím taking back
Flow ambidextrous, left, right, back into the jab
Testing this to get you left, right back into the lab
A lesson in emceeing, wrecking style, vomit, spots
Sparking the conclusion of a riot like Ohmega Watts