Show Lyrics

Pigeon John - Welcome to the Show
(from the album Pigeon John...and the Summertime PoolParty)
© copyright 2006

Welcome to the show today
You're gonna have fun in a major way
I know you got bills to pay
But its my job to help you let it wash away (2x)

Who rocks the mic, who rocks the mic right?
Mr. black Jack Tripper cause I'm do what I like
Between the Janets and Chrissys of the world I stand
Not a giggalo but a man microphone in my hand till I die
Not doing this for money, not doing this for fame
I'm doing this so I can change the whole freakin' game
Negroes in colorful clothes dancing like super clones
New MC Hammers get the gas face you gotta go
You guys are wack now, go hit the back now
Man disappear.................. POW!
New generation of just regular dudes
We don't dress the same but sing the same blues
So let your hands fly if you do agree with me
P-I-G-E-O-N middle name Kenneth then ends with Johnny
Used to have a white girl now I gotta white wife
Kinda getting used to hearing "brother that aint right"


Freaky deeky deeky shows all up in the LA Weekly
Used to pay to play now I play when they pay me
And I thank God for that supplying my needs
Sometimes my wants get left out but that balances greed
And I need that between a life in a spotlight
And being sweated by jakes on a curb in a cops light
But I stand strong singer/songwriter with Adidas on
Head full of Beatles and De La playing ping-pong
With Phil Collins and Genesis as the referees
Peter Gabriel and Ad Rock banging BDP
Who will win the game, hip hop or rock n roll?
My inner voice saying "negro it's the same stroll"
So I stand still classic like an old photo
Of my uncle James in the 70's in Idaho
Or Long Beach I really can't tell its kinda blurry
It lost in translation and I'm like Bill Murray