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Pigeon John - Higher?!
(from the album Pigeon John...and the Summertime Pool Party)
© copyright 2006

Go higher
Everybody go higher
LA Symph we go higher
We go higher higher

Oh shoot wait I'm from Nebraska ya'll
This is for my little chunky dunks in Omaha
After school Rogers Park shooting basketball
And for watching "Knight Rider" David Hasselhoff
Felling good ya'll following achieving my call
This is stuff you play when you bouncing to Del Almo Mall
This is stuff when you pick up, you go to have a ball
Look at her wiggle and giggle in her Gucci shawl
It feels good to be fine
Little bitties in major cities they falling in line
Instead of love they mistaking me for Ginuwine
And be signing his autographs continually lying
And I got to stop this who can top this
All over the South Bay Pigeon John can rock this
Without a shock list soon I'll be opening my style
So all you brothers can rush in and shoplift

Let go higher go higher (8x)
Lets go

This ain't alternative this is negro stuff
And 40 years ago in Brooklyn they still acting rough
With slacks cuffed an Brooks Brothers suits and stuff
And you slipped got beat down to the new James Brown
It's that simple nickels better duck my swing
And fine dimes better rewind while I do my thing
6-tre nickel PJ all day
You put this in the trunk and ladies want "disobey"
They be dancing and shaking with their cigarette pants
Look at the hard rock brothers trying not to dance
They be posted chilling back at the wall
And be dancing with the ladies having a ball


Oops-a-daisy I'm going crazy
Life is puzzle all the dolls amaze me
Tough is the struggle but I can't let it faze me
Got to rise above like a dove I'm Swayze (2x)

Chorus (3x)