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Pigeon John - Lost My Job Again
(from the album Pigeon John...and the Summertime Pool Party)
© copyright 2006

Woke up in the morning with my manager yelling about
Late rent and debt with the threat of her throwing me out
I promise with a sweat bead hanging that I would pay
As soon as I get a job so so I can stay
She said I had 2 weeks and its coming up quickly
Butt naked in the kitchen looking through LA Weekly
Searching in the Want Ads frantically
So something similiar to fit my personality
And then boom that's when I saw it
A jewelry shop at Macy's
I can birdwatch and make cash at the same place G
Its was cool so I signed up
Slanging Swatch watches to all the people lined up
That's when they moved me to the Diamond Department
And apllied preasure to sell a larger margian
I tried my best but I always came up short
A diamond ring saleman just wasn't my sport
There was more preasure so I had to sale something
Saw a girl in the front trying to decide want did she want
I said "Girl you need a ring" started saleing that thing
Got excited and straight forgot the bring
The price tag to my face the ring was 3 grand
And it was looking lovely on her pretty left hand
She bought for half cause I thought the tag said so
But I read it wrong noticed when she walked out the door
I sang

Oh my God I lost my job again
I got fired on the spot yo when will it ever end? (2x)

Walking home from Macy's had to dry my tears
Cause I only had 1 week to pay the rent it was clear
I had to get another gig quick asking at church
"Is anyone hiring?" and it worked
I got a job in downtown as a stock clerk
Shelving and alphabetizing files like a doctor
On a patient but my boss wasn't playing with time
Brother wanted his files then now and future in line
And you know I'm not good under preasure
I act like Radio and Rain Man together
Started messing up loosing important files and such
And finding them too late when in a crutch
My boss brought me his office for a little pep talk
"John you can do it if you don't talk but walk"
I said "That's right" but I knew I was wrong
I was so scared and behind these throngs of files
They could've been anywhere in the aisles
Under the desks behind the printers in piles
And it way past due I turned my files in last
Not good enough I felt my job just pass
And then I sang


You're gonna be ok my little boy
Just shake shake it off and go home (4x)