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Pigeon John - Brand New Day
(from the album Pigeon John...and the Summertime Pool Party)
© copyright 2006

Hey hey hey hey hey it's a brand new day
I know U2 said it but I'm gonna say it my way
Just got some navy blue Wranglers on a deal
Starbucks Americano Element at the wheels
And you know the deal you know the deal
You know the deal
You know that I'm cold lampin'
On the real on the real
And I feel like I just got 1/10th of a mil
And I'm Lionel Ritchie
And my gerry curls on the ceiling

No matter if there's bills that you still gotta pay
No matter if your dreams are fading away
No matter if you can't even see the sun
Cause the clouds in the way
It's a brand new day
Brand new day
Brand new day
Brand new day
Brand new day

I know you heard it before
It's so easy to forget it so we can't ignore
If you go against the grain you'll get splinters man
Ask the LA Symph boy they'll tell you the same
We sinking in the same ship
10,000 leagues but this kid don't even trip
Just look at him I look at him I look in his eyes
And I see what I lost after a 1,000 tries

Chorus (2x)

Ba da da da da da (4x)