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Grits - Forgive me
(from the album Mental Releases)

1st Verse

Everyday life buckles my feet so I stumble... Once again I dropped the ball so I guess I fumbled...
Stallin' with the grin so my smile's now incomplete... Tryin' to transform the hailstorm into a mild
sleet... Discreet in my ways keepin' on the down low... Wait, let me clear my head, One , Two,
Here we go... Back to the statement before, its at hand... About the need to sin, its in supply and
demand... Reachin for my neck, stranglin' my last breath... Hope's in my eye, tie forgiveness of my
father's death... Sparks occur, shoots across the sky like a blur... Speaking out repentance, different
feelings it might stir... I stay focused, my eye never leaves the prize... Now is the situation minute or
enormous in size... Realize the pitfalls of having a dream then it falls... Who ya gonna blame, either
yourself or no one at all... Controlled by the dirt, I learned the hard way how it hurts... You reap
what you sow, that's for show, now you know... The Grammatical Rev. on display like a safari...
And I just wanna take this time to say I'm sorry...


Lord forgive me, I know not what I do
The trials and tribs of life make me come unglued
Lord forgive me, what I did was wrong
Falling on my knees, repentance is my song

2nd Verse

Back in the day when I was young, selling dope at the store I regret... The situation I was livin' in,
contributing genocide stupid pride... Had my brain insane but yet I remained to be a church going
brotha... Undercover smuggler fattest dime juggler, a hustler making money and thangs... Everybody
wanna go back but not the kid from the dirt that I did... I'm running scared from the dead... There's
a bid on my head by the devil and friends to put an end to Teron... So I gotta keep strong, yes I'm
blessed... Still I regret the fear and sweat I put my mother through runnin with my thuggish crew...
Pop's wasn't there, but he was there when I needed him...

To good lookin out and much love for lettin me move with you; To get away from it all but then I got
in again... My sin continued to eat through before I could strike... It took a couple of close calls on
life to be taken for spiritual awakening... The talk of the town is D.C. and they needin' the services of
a brotha nervous... Cause the life that I live is still hauntin me and tauntin me... Tantalizing to see my
friends in Benzes and Beamers... Could it be that I made a mistake to shoot it straight? Naw, cause
I'm forgiven...