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Theory Hazit - Beautiful
(from the album Thuh Pillage : Theory Hazit Deleted Scenes)
© copyright 2006

You know whatís beautiful, I can show you whatís beautiful
You wanna hear something beautiful, Iíll let you know whatís beautiful
Let me tell you whatís beautiful, let me show you whatís beautiful
Write it down, spell it out, thatís beautiful


Another crack baby is born
Another drug dealer snitched on, another teen addicted to porn
Another innocent virgin exposed to obscenity
Caught AIDS the moment he lost his virginity
Another bullet without a name hits a 6th grader
A 5th grader sells coke to Ms. Shafer
Another college grad dies in a car crash
Another drunk driver canít remember what happened last
Now check it, another cat gets wired
Another cross in yard that the KKK set on fire
Another fiend gets hired
Another fiend prostitutes a ten year old daughter
Just to get money for crack and cigarettes
Another child upstate for murder
Another mother pregnant with a disease unheard of
Another brother fired from another job
Instead of finding another way, you can find it in God
Come onÖ

You know whatís beautiful, Iíll let you know whatís beautiful
You wanna hear something beautiful, I can show you something beautiful
Spell it out, thatís beautiful, say it loud, thatís beautiful
Iíll let you know thatís beautiful, huh, huh,

You know whatís beautiful? The KKK is loving it, cuz we killing ourselves. We doing their job for Ďem. Bloods, crimps, ignant fools, stepping on shoes, and busting on 22ís. Huh. Thatís just beautiful. They sitting back, laughing it up. All they doing is having parades. Every few years they have parades. Thatís all they do: sit back, chill, watch us kill each other. Now thatís beautiful.