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Theory Hazit - The Ride
(from the album Thuh Pillage : Theory Hazit Deleted Scenes)
© copyright 2006

You are now tuned in to a killer, murdering whatís his name
I killed time during my 15 minutes of fame
Take hate by the neck and squeeze Ďtil I hear nothing
Sweet nothing, you claim diesel, then keep trucking
Follow the narrow path like the Yellow Brick Road
Cuz you sound real stupid with your devilish flow
Nothing else to talk about, I can tell that youíre slow
Running out of ideas, now youíre selling your soul
If you blow on weed, player, turn me off
Matter fact turn me up, Iím similar to detox
Killing your taste of music that ainít worth 50 Cent
Iím no different from Curtis Jackson cuz I need to repent
You remind me of Mike Jones, you keep repeating yourself
With a speech impediment, itís like you preach to yourself
Talk to the wall of humpty, dumbís soon to fall off
Into a pit where thereís dogs you canít call off
Thuh Pillage