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Believen Stephen - Why Boast
(from the album N/a)
© copyright 2006

Verse 1:
Sitting home at night, what should I write/
Moons bright sky is dark, Hearts dark, no one's in sight/
The stars just gaze, I had the hardest day/
But I'm a warrior like Tim Haradway/
Hell's hotter than hot coals, roads got mad pot holes/
Giving you the antidote just like Rock Soul/
The Gospel I'm spittin, wit complete submission/
To the One who is risen, you can know your forgiven/
But I see a lack of love, plus lack of humility/
Rap, then we judge, it's not a lack of ability/
In the facility, its killing me....not willingly/
We really be ill when we boast long like trilogies/
Always got a mean grill-never gonna smile/
Acting like a superstar on your profile/
It's so wild and I dont know how/
Cats boastin for years but it stays in style.

Verse 2:
Im on MYSPACE surfin the web/
Where cats merk with the pen and they searchin for friends/
But whats worse is instead they immersed in a trend/
To boast a lot.. is it certain to end/
You got some tight bass bumpin on MYSPACE/
Your pics got a nice face, your heart is a dry place/
Mines broken like rice cakes/
Like Mase please don't deny grace/
Satan wants u to die ace/
Hells got wide gates, God's grace got nice taste/
Realize homie that u can't buy faith/
Why wait? Don't stall till the sky breaks/
God's great like the five lakes, bear fruit like some white grapes/
They want notoriety, no variety/
Not desiring piety-just wanna show society how fly they be/
So like why do u spit-Is it to save souls or to try to get rich??

Verse 3:
Oh u been on stage with some famous cats/
Well those cats can't save you black/
I care if you rock Souls, dont care if you rock shows/
Don't care if you got flows, don't care if you got dough/
If you boast, you should boast in the Lord/
If Christ was knockin would you open the door/
With your dome to the floor as your broke to the core/
Tears soakin for sure, as you're hopin for more/
So if we boast let's boast in our weakness/
And show off some meakness-I know that they'll peep this/
We holdin them speechless, cause they'll be astonished/
When we don't brag of skill but what Christ accomplished/
If you forgot that-it's sad, not odd-but it's bad/
So I'll brag that God is my dad/
‘Cause we'll all give an account/
So let another praise you and not your own mouth!