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Tech Omega - Something Special
(from the album Tech-Knowlogy)
© copyright 2006

So I like a lil shawty let me throw the plan/
Just (just) peep the words while I hold your hand/
And (and) tell you how much I'm feeling you boo/
And take the moment to say I like you to/

Verse 1:
I keep the style old school like a pair of Addias/
Dropped few lines like Iím eager to meet ya/
A pretty senorita by the name of Sophia/
Looks so hot I swore she had a fever/
Said you was single now I'm trying to keep ya/
Told me some brothers didnít know how to treat ya/
My only thoughts is to sweep ya off ya feet ma/
Progress through a friendship that's a little deeper/
It's a lot of good things I see in you/
And you said thatís the same way you feeling it too(yup)/
Please believe every word that I'm on and speaking/
I swear she has a way to keep my heart beating/
Looked so fine I forget to keep breathing/
From the way ya suck ya teeth in like your on teething/
Guys are misleading cause their usually cheating/
If I had you id be far from on and creeping/
But some brothers(some) they be on that sex tip/
The key to a woman's heart is always to respect it/
See you dress fresh, but I forget the style/
cause the sun was shining bright wait...that's ya smile.


Verse 2:
Well it first came to mind when I wrote this rhyme/
Ya smile is brighter then any sunshine/
And see if looks could kill Iíd be dead and blind/
I'll spit a few lines about when we met the first time/
Tight jeans heels you was looking fine(hey)/
The type of chick Iíd wife wine and probably dine(yup)/
You had braids nice and tight ya body was right/(woo)
I was crushed from get go it's love at first sight/
You was mad sweet ma so Iím trying to bite/(lick)
Even told my mother I could see you as the right type/
I swear your a model you be looking petite boo/
Personality is real and plus your mad sweet to/
Said some guys tried to spit game and mistreat you/
My only goal right now is to hug and try and keep you/
Build a friendship where I treat you as my equal/
Keep it true and never ever be deceitful/
See it's some words that I really need to say/
When it comes to you ma it's so much more then play/
I picture a friendship that could never end/
Let me take the time and ask-Will you be my girlfriend?